Gold Adjustable Stoptail bridge for Mira SE


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Jan 4, 2024
Not sure this is the right place to ask but not sure where or who else to ask so any suggestions to point me in the right direction would be great...
So I just bought a PRS Mira electric guitar but it is an SE which is their import models, all the hardware is chrome and I want to swap out the chrome hardware for Gold hardware and I can do all that pretty easily except for the bridge. This PRS model has what PRS calls an, adjustable Stoptail bridge, or I think what most people refer to as, a wrap around bridge with adjustable saddles, or an intonatable wrap around bridge. Now PRS does make a gold adjustable Stoptail bridge that will work on most PRS American and imports, however, the studs are a different thread on the SE's, metric I believe, and PRS doesn't make the gold studs with metric threads. So all that being said, I could get the PRS gold bridge and aftermarket gold metric threaded studs but I won't know if the PRS Gold bridge would fit on the studs. Am I overthinking this, is the part of the stud where the bridge fits into mostly universal or no? I also thought about getting an aftermarket gold bridge with gold metric studs but those that I've looked into are setup with a 12 inch fretboard radius, the PRS is 10" radius. Is it enough to make that much of a difference or could some of the saddles of a 12" radiused bridge be filed to adjust it closer to a 10" radius? One other thought I had, but I don't want to go that far, was to pull the inserts and convert it to standard threads... but in my experience, unless you're stripping the guitar to refinish it, almost never ends well... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...