S2 Vela Bridge


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Jun 26, 2022
Looking to draw on some experience of Vela players...my experience with this type of bridge or Tele bridge is limited. I've mostly had Strat trems and am familiar with the S2 Trem. I can't tell from any photos or the reviews I've seen if those saddle adjustment screws are just sitting on top of that plate like Fender saddle screws (and prone to movement) or if they are threaded into something for stability. Can anyone clarify?

Second question, how does one set up the radius when there are only 4 bolts total?
Just answered these in your other thread. But for anyone looking here...

The height adjustment screws do sit on top of the plate.

The radius set up is less refined than individual saddles. The bridge looks just like you'd expect - kind of /\, but not that exaggerated.