The Shameful Elephant's in the Room

I totally agree....


Aww man! I didn't get to touch it when I was there!
It’s like it’s. Instead of the elephant having ownership over something it just merely is.
Yes, but then it would be a Monty Python’s Flying Circus reference, and would therefore be cool, but it’s just splatter, innit? It’s like Jackson Pollock was in charge of punctuation, but only a reasonable amount of the time.
It could be a straight up contraction of “is.” I was a Strat cat forever, I totally get how some guitarists can have a negative visceral gut reaction to a guitar that seems too similar to one they love, or perhaps too different from what they think a favorite luthier “should” be making. I personally think it’s a little odd that this particular Strat homage is causing such a stir. It’s neither the first non-Fender, the most exact copy, nor the first PRS stab at a Strat-inspired instrument. Heck, you could even argue that the Custom is Strat-inspired with the double cutaways, vibrato bridge, body balance, and comfort contour. But that all represents rational thinking, while guitarists make primarily emotional connections to guitars.
Hey guy's, first let me say that I have been a PRS fan and on again off again owner throughout the past 25 years.
Having said that, one of the things I most admired about Paul and PRS was their originality, they came up with a unique and gorgeous body shape in an already over crowded guitar market that was riddled with foreign copy cats by the mid to late 80's, and a custom 22 or 24 had it's own unique shape as well as sound.

Now fast forward to 2017-18, Paul and the folks at PRS have literally made near identical copies of two world famous guitars, that have been their primary competition for over 30 years.

Lets be honest with ourselves and just admit, the McCarty 594 single cut is a Gibson Les Paul Standard and a John Mayer Silver Sky is a Fender Stratocaster....The aesthetics and sound similarities are undeniably nearly identical.

Now if PRS was some Indonesian / Korean copy shop, then fine, it's been expected and done by them for years now, but Paul and PRS are true American innovators, I've always thought so, but the similarities with these guitars is just too much to ignore.

Aside from the fact that PRS is charging thousands more for each model than it's Gibson or Fender doppelgängers, and we all know about the PRS aesthetic quality and attention to detail but seriously this is just too much to ignore any longer.

PRS as a whole has really disappointed me with these very apparent copies, and it just seems like their trying to prove that they can " IMPROVE " on designs that have already been done over 60 years ago.
As far as I was concerned Gibson and Fender have their pride and joy in their Les Paul and Stratocaster models, as did PRS with it's Custom 22 & 24 models.

Now PRS just seems to be acting like an arrogant jerk on a playground by saying..." hey man I can build a better one than you ".....I mean it's just childish and petty, and I lost a lot of respect for them because of it.
They need to stick with their own designs and stop trying to copy and top the other guys.
They still have their doublecut violin carve C22, C24, McCarty’s, DGT’s on sale, and that will never change will it.:)

I think the LP itself is a copy of the classical guitar shape but with a cutaway for high fret shredding, isn’t it? So nobody really has a ‘patent’ on a singlecut shape - it’s really just common sense and functionality. Besides the PRS SC’s still retain their violin carve as well as their doublecut shape for the most part. As for the control layout, well honestly who cares ya?

As for the SS, well I guess it’s what Mr Mayer wanted and I’m sure Paul knew the risks when he picked up the gauntlet JM threw.

So it’s all fine. Stare a little harder, and the elephant might become a swan.
I use the Gibson forum also. I have the same moniker and avatar over there too

Reading through this has brought about a feeling of deja vu. I wonder why? For some reason the following topic titles are brought to mind:

"3 Strikes Your Out, PRS Blows You Away Gibson"
"Gibson Has Serious Quality Control Issues AGAIN!"

It also transpired posters Bluesy69 and M*****t were the same lovable guy. What a joker! Gotta love that sense of humour. :)
i tried gibson’s forum, classic profile but the finish was gummy, the pickups microphonic, and the frets had burrs.