The Shameful Elephant's in the Room

Okay - keep in mind I'm a nobody when it comes to administration and/or moderation of this forum, but...

I don't think anybody really has a problem with constructive criticism. Sure, occasionally a post of that nature will catch someone on a bad day or in a down moment and they'll lash out at the poster. I think I've done that. And when that happens, I'd bet 90% of the time an apology and explanation follow, even if just in an IM.

But if someone comes in with an attitude, rants and raves, or is just generally a d!ck, then yeah, people will hit back. To me, it's more a matter of being respectful of the forum we've been given. If you don't like a model or a feature, it's pretty easy to just say, "I don't like this because..." That leads to a discussion more often than not. But if you come in and say, "I can't believe these morons would do something so stupid/lazy/criminal as...", it's going to get a harsh reaction.

I’m answering this as a member, not as a mod. Just put your thumb over that moderator badge as you read this (and 99% of my other posts).

This forum is all about open discussion. There is a LOT of fan-boy posting here, but there is also criticism. I don’t believe the company ever meant for the forum to be solely a gushing safe-space, but fully understands that everyone has differing wants, needs and opinions.

For this thread, the premise is a bit more than the most tongue-in-cheek member can abide. It would be no different than someone saying McDonalds should be ashamed or castigated if they started making square hamburgers a la Wendy’s instead of their traditional round ones. C’mon. But that isn't where it goes off the rails.

Where people get in trouble with their criticisms isn’t that they voice not liking something, it’s more about attitude and civility. The real problem in this thread is this paragraph:

The aspersions and name-calling here are far over the top for any constructive discussion, even one as meaningless and preposterous as this one.

You can remove your thumb now.

OK, fair enough. My initial reaction to the OP in this thread was that it wasn't harsh or negative enough to warrant some of the responses. Going back and looking at it again, I still wouldn't react that way, but I can see how some could take it that way and react in kind.

I guess something that stuck in my craw just a bit was a couple of threads relating to QC on the Zach Myers model. IMHO one of them was kind of over the top in what it thought a $700 guitar should be, but I thought the other was really useful, constructive, and educational, from a guy who knew a lot more about guitar setup than I probably ever will. And both OPs, IIRC, got some pretty harsh comments in their direction. I guess I still had those on the brain when I started reading this and that's where my reaction came from.

OK, don't mind me. Carry on!



Since this only has one pickup, the switching looks unusual. Obviously (or maybe not) one tone and one volume, but what about the third pot? And the switch, what does it do?
I have to say, I’m pretty much fine with whatever PRS wants to make. I’ll either buy it or I won’t.
People have short memories, or are ignorant of history. From 1990-1995, PRS made a Strat-looking, 3 single pickup, bolt-on neck, plastic pickguarded, guitar called the EG. Google it. It’s pretty much a Strat.

The concept is, therefore, 28 years old for PRS. So the “elephant” has been around for a while.

The Santana shape is a variation on the Les Paul Jr. double-cut. Take a look at both guitar shapes, Person Thinking He’s Pointing Out Elephants.

The Strat headstock was first seen on the 1948 Bigsby Merle Travis guitar. And guess what; the Les Paul body shape was ALSO first seen on the 1948 Bigsby Merle Travis guitar. Google the damn thing. Now tell me how original the world is.

What motivates anyone to claim, “OMG, I’ve just noticed something that’s upset me that no one else is talking about,” when in fact, it’s all over the freaking internet and is the subject of innumerable rants and blathers, including on this very forum, is a mystery to me.
That's it!

PRS should only offer this shape from now on....

Or this.
My added comments for the sake of having them documented.....

When the DC 594 was released, I was like "Meh." I went and tried it because of how EVERYONE was raving about it. Couldn't dig it. Tonally? Yeah, it's great. Aesthetically? NOPE - just can't convince myself to play it. There is just something psychologically blocking me from the 4 knobs and switch on the horn with the old PRS body shape.

Did I go online and trash PRS and the guitar? No. My life moved forward. I spent the money on another PRS that I would enjoy (think that's when I grabbed the Paul's Guitar). Essentially, I viewed me not liking the 594 to being MY LOSS, lol.

When the SC594 was released I thought it would probably be better for me. Nope. Just didn't gel. Too bad, too, because sonically it fills a void I want. Can't explain what is blocking me - maybe the scale length? I have NEVER been a G guy. One day I'll grab one used and ad it to the herd, but not right now. The stash of what I have is getting the job MORE than done. A LOT of people dig that guitar though, so good for PRS!!

I WANT them to sell guitars so they will be around to release a model I am interested in...

Now, the Mayer guitar.....

Yeah, I had a few things to say about that one, lol...

I will admit that I didn't "get it" at first. BUT, aside from a couple of comments here among fellow fans, I didn't say too much. Instead, I grabbed my PRS Book and did some reading. Then I noticed that PRS has really attempted "F" flavored guitars all along. Some more "traditional" some more "original" - but the utilization of building techniques that "F" has used over their history HAVE been employed by PRS.

These guitars ALWAYS eventually seem to fade away, some faster than others, but they vanish from the line.


Well, it's simple. Guys that play that type of guitar WANT that type of guitar. My brother falls into that category. He is more of a casual player than I am - he has ONE guitar and ONE amp. He plays ONE type of music. His gear is ALL Vintage. Let me tell you his story to illustrate my point....

My brother is younger by two years. He LOVES 60's Instrumental music, mainly surf. He is a surfer. He plays surf guitar. He drive a turquoise and beige 55 Plymouth Station Wagon in near mint condition. He is CONSTANTLY getting melanoma cut out of his body. Last week it looked liked his back was slashed with a sword....

Gear? (The part we care about, right?) Yeah, yeah....hang on....

That is a tale unto itself. It will explain other aspects of other things that I won't be bringing up, and some dots will be able to be connected....

I started playing young - like 11 years old. I had a Neon Yellow Ibanez. My brother decided he'd sneak play that Ibanez and learn. He got pretty good for a while. We'd go visit Grandma and Grandpa over the summer. For the most part we didn't like it, except that Grandpa played electric guitar - he was a Country guy from the 50s and 60s. He had old stuff. It sucked for me because I was metal guy, but it was HEAVEN for my brother. We DID learn to appreciate other forms of music, and learned rockabilly, blues, country, bluegrass, slide - all this stuff that helps me NOW, but was pointless as a metal head kid, lol. My brother ATE IT UP!!!

Grandpa got REALLY sick. As we were the ONLY grand kids that played guitar, we got to choose from his gear. Grandpa was a strat-man. He had two. A maple board guitar and a rosewood board guitar. He had a few amps of different sizes - I guess as venues got bigger, he just bought bigger amps and kept the old ones. (I'll share details in a minute). Everything he owned was "F".

Grandpa passed. We were sad, and in no real hurry to "claim" or inheritance. When the time DID come, it was pretty simple. My brother took the maple board (he liked maple) I took the rosewood (I liked rosewood). Guessing from what I know about "F" guitars, and what grandma says (she's still alive), my brother has a '55 that was bought used in 1960. I got a custom color (black over burst) '62 Rosewood that Grandpa bought new.

My brother only wanted ONE amp - the brown Showman. Dick Dale used one, so must he!!!! I took all the rest of the amps. Put most in storage, kept them together for years adding to the group ever so often when something cool would come up.....another story for another time.

"Yeah, cool. You got a vintage S when your Grandpa died. Lucky you!!"

Well, bringing it back to PRS....

My brother can play his "F" with his eyes closed. That single guitar is an extension of who he is as a player. Shoot, you could probably cut his hand off and he'd STILL be able to play it with his mind. In my years as a player, guys that are married to the "F" S are like my brother - if it varies from Leo's design they don't want it. It is perfect and Leo got it right the FIRST try. That is my brother's frame of mind....

PRS builds their OWN version of that TYPE of guitar (DC3 anyone??) and PRS players dig it, but not too many - IF ANY - hardcore "F" S players. It's too different. Same with the 305.....well, ANYTHING PRS has done up to the Mayer guitar.

But now????

Dude, the Mayer guitar is TOO close to the "sacred" S (not really, PRS always does some clever things to "improve"). BLASPHEMEY!!!!!! They (PRS) ALWAYS WERE COPY-CATS!!!!! BAHHHH!!!!! and so on.....

Yet, the guitar is flying off the assembly line. WHY???? Because NOW it is close enough that dudes like my brother can go, "Ahhh, vintage radius and frets. Nice. Sounds good. Looks like MY guitar, but I can take it outside - AND it's priced ok." PRS FINALLY has the 3 single coil guitar he/they have been trying to make since forever.

It gets better than that, even.... I HATE the S and I am 99.7% I will buy one, lol. Why? Because it sounds amazing. I will AT LEAST be trying one out.

There is NO elephant in the room. My post has no point other than to waste time, space, and energy. But I feel accomplished for having typed it!

Took a lot of space, but you made some fine points. :)
Travis and Bigsby were good friends. Both were extremely eccentric and liked to partake of some serious libations on a regular basis. Travis was also an excellent amateur artist. This guitar came about when they were out drinking one night and Travis sketched it on the back of a placemat. Looks familiar in a couple of ways, at least to my eyes.
Bigsby presented this guitar to Travis on May 24, 1948. He made 22 more for a total of 23, then just stopped and went on to something else.

To bring things full circle, at some point Ted McCarty (yes, that Ted McCarty) bought Bigsby.
But really, isn't a little bit of good faith criticism part of what this forum is here for as well?


Yes, of course. The operative language in your post being “good faith criticism.”

It’s very fine for someone to come here and say, “You know what, I don’t care for PRS guitars that look a lot like other companies’ guitars.”

Fair enough.

But the “jerk” comment? The “elephant in the room” premise? Come on. That’s just pure bullish!t troll stuff.
Yes, of course. The operative language in your post being “good faith criticism.”

It’s very fine for someone to come here and say, “You know what, I don’t care for PRS guitars that look a lot like other companies’ guitars.”

Fair enough.

But the “jerk” comment? The “elephant in the room” premise? Come on. That’s just pure bullish!t troll stuff.
Yeah, well, as I said in my reply to a couple of earlier responses, I didn't catch that on my first look at the thread, but on re-reading the OP, I see why folks reacted as they did.
Not only am I planning to go see and play these elephants tomorrow at the Tacoma Guitar Festival (MAN I hope there will be a Silver Sky out to demo!), but I am bringing one of those EGs Les mentioned with me in hopes of asking Paul to sign it.
Not only am I planning to go see and play these elephants tomorrow at the Tacoma Guitar Festival (MAN I hope there will be a Silver Sky out to demo!), but I am bringing one of those EGs Les mentioned with me in hopes of asking Paul to sign it.
I met Paul briefly and he signed my EG just before his presentation. Didn’t quite get to try out the Silver Sky as my daughter was getting dangerously bored and the line into the PRS booth was pretty long after the presentation. Liked what I caught of Paul’s presentation, too, especially what he had to say about the SE factory workers and some of the myths he gleefully dismantled.

Side note, John 5 was really sweet with my daughter. Couldn’t talk her into throwing up horns on the pic though...
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I have to say, I’m pretty much fine with whatever PRS wants to make. I’ll either buy it or I won’t.

Well I saw a 40 minute video on Youtube last night with John Mayer explaining the whole process of how this guitar came about, and I'm much more in favor of it than I I guess I would need to play one in person before casting full or too harsh of a judgement on PRS, because it does sound like they've done some things differently to cater to John's requests.....So I retract my harsh and hasty remarks against PRS, at least it looks like something I would like to try some day, but for now I'll make do with my Strat, and if I ever spot a Silver Sky in a store some day I will give it a fair shot.