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Nov 11, 2023
Hey Group,
I just wanted to introduce myself. I am new to the world of PRS, but have been a Gibson player for 30 years. Mainly the Les Paul. When I saw an ad for certain PRS SE models on sale for $759, I jumped on a new McCarty 594 Double-Cut. (Charcoal)
It has really opened my eyes as to what the import builders are capable of these days. It's an excellent instrument.
And I see it as being the first of several new PRS purchases.
Unfortunately, this forum won't allow me to post any pics here yet.
Anyway, hello and thanks for having me.
Welcome aboard , Ted McCarty ( head honcho at Gibby during the heyday) was Paul's mentor , He's taken everything a step further ..
I love my Gibby's ( have 3 CS's ) but the PRS's play better.
Hey Group,
I just wanted to introduce myself.
Finally, someone on the forum to manage my sugar levels.


Sorry - but your username just begged for that joke.

Anyway, yes, welcome aboard! PRS guitars/instruments ("PRSi") are, IMHO, excellent quality for the relative cost, and those SE McCarty models are a great place to start!
Nice score! Images need to be hosted by a third party. A lot of us use Imgur. I think there are other options as well. It’s pretty archaic, but that’s just the way it is here. Somewhere here is a post on how to do it. I can never find it when I want it… anyway, welcome!

Edit: here’s one post on posting pics. There’s another newer one I’ll post if I can find it.

Here’s the newer one:
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