Show your pedalboard!

Ha! I had to go back because I didn't see any lines cut on top of that cab. "Coke" was real Coke, not what I was thinking!

I read this post and couldn’t figure out why you were talking about Coca-Cola, and not finding piping inserts near the edges of the cabinet’s top, in the same sentence.

Then I realized what kind of “line” you meant.

I am a dullard.
The board looks great! Glad you feel the same way about the Pettydrive. There are times I just don’t turn it off, like when I use it almost the way folks use a Klon, kind of like a clean boost with just the tiniest bit of hair. Then I set the second channel for a good crunch. My favorite overdrive since...ohhh....1967. :)

I love it! The Chime has a great Petty-sounding Vox tone, and the Iron is that big Tweed Stonesy vibe.

For years I would take my small 50s Tweed Deluxe, put a slapback echo pedal in line always on, plug it into an A/B box, and put it on my pedalboard and treat it as an overdrive pedal! Cranked, miced, and when I wanted a big fat guitar sound for a solo, I could bring that in with my main rig and basically I would treat it as a pedal. I would take my guitar cable into the input, and A would be my pedalboard into my main amp, and B would be a cord straight into the Deluxe with the echo on top of the amp. So I could have a straight in tone with the Tweed while still having all my effects and main amp still on. I really looked at it like I was just turning on a pedal. A would always be on, and B could bring the Tweed in and out. But instead of the board going to both amps, it only went to one as I wanted to have a raw tone for the Tweed. I really don't have to do that now with the PettyDrive, lol. I never found a Tweed in a box pedal that worked for me, whereas I have had good luck with Marshall in a box pedals that were satisfactory, but Tweed in a box pedals ended up sounding like fuzzboxes, there was no clarity or definition. It was like a Tweed on 12, not 7 or 8, before it fell apart. Well the Iron accomplishes this quite nicely. It retains that definition while still feeling like a little Tweed combo. I never used it to get a stereo vibe, I only brought the Tweed in for solos mostly. Basically again, treating it like an overdrive. I just magically thought of it one day and wrote it out and starting doing it. Most use A/B boxes for stereo or to switch back and forth between amps. For me it was just about getting a great solo tone and then turn off the B side when I was done. It's an expensive overdrive pedal. ;)
I haven't taken any pics yet but I built a pedal board during the holidaze. I have 7 pedals:

Korg Pitchblack Custom Tuner>
Orange Fur Coat Octave Fuzz>
Orange Kongpressor>
Orange Two Stroke EQ>
into front of Amp
Whirlwind Orange Box Phaser>
MXR Carbon Copy Delay>
MXR M300 Reverb>
into Effects loop
All on a Pedaltrain Classic Jr with Roland Gold Series 6" patch cables.

I bought everything used mint instead of new except for the patch cables which were new but 30% off.

Kind of like buying fishing lures, each one doesn't cost much but before you know it you've spent a small fortune :)
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Here's a pic...


Pretty basic but they're all quiet and do their job well. The 3 Orange pedals are on 12v, the rest are running on 9v. I thought about a DIY board but it was the holidaze and I was too busy shopping for pedals. Got a good deal on the Classic Jr and it worked out well :)
Bonamassa wah, Doublerated special, MXR Chorus, Boss tuner, Ditto looper. That's everything I need. I have 100 plus pedals, but when it comes to actually playing at stage volume with other instrument I don't hear a lot of difference in pedals and the Doublerated specials ability to switch from a no gain TS sound to a dirty TS sound in the same enclosure makes it my favorite.
Not sure if this is cross-posted in another thread or didn't post the first time. This board now also has (swapped in) a Klon KTR and a J. Rockett "The Dude".

07/01/2019 FX:

Guitar In > Empress Buffer (Loop Out) > Dunlop M404 CAE Wah >> One Control Iguana Tail 2 Loopswitcher >> Polytune Noir (Tuner Out) > Ego Compressor (Loop 1) > Decibelics Golden Horse [Mini-Klon OD/Boost] (Loop 2) > Blue Note Overdrive (Loop 3) > TC Sentry Noise Gate (Loop 4) > Neunaber Immerse Reverb/Delay/Detune (Loop 5) >> One Control (Out) > Empress Buffer (Loop In) / Empress (Amp Out)

Power Supplies / Connectors: T Rex Fuel Tank Classic & Voodoo Lab Digital Power Supplies; LavaCable Solderless Tightrope Cable & Plugs; Zip Ties & Plastic Wire Wrap, Adhesive Zip Tie Tabs

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Recently picked up a TC Mimiq to help with full time stereo tones. I had to make a few cables that are around 24" with one straight plug and one 90 degree plug. So, here we are now:


The signal chain is like this: Bonafide Buffer, Drop, Super Plextortion, out to amp (Egnater TOL50), FX send to Tuner, Mimiq (where it splits into Stereo), Mobius, Delay, Looper, Stereo out to Mesa 20/20.