SE Owners


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Dec 13, 2015
It would be nice to have a thread for us lesser mortals who are SE owners.

Is there anybody out there?
Am I swimming through this empty sea alone?
Our name is Legion, for we are many.

I have two, myself:
- Custom 24, 98% stock
- Singlecut, lots of mods that I need to post in the SE Mods thread
You are not alone. I have 2 amazing SE's. See my sig. Do we need pics even though they are in other threads?
i have an SE Singlecut, SE 245, SE mikael akerfeldt, SE Custom 24 30th anniversary

and very soon i hope a SE Tremonti Custom, Se Custom 24 30th anni floyd, SE Custom 7 string and an SE zach meyers
4 SE's here Wizard, one singlecut trem w/245 pickups & phase II locking tuners, two singlecuts, one w/59/09's, one with #6 pickups & a singlecut Korina, w/#7 pickups All have been modded a bit. new pups and nut on all.
I think you'll find a lot of SE love around here. I've had four come and go (Soapbar II, original Santana, Tremonti, One). All great guitars.
I`m in. I have an SE Tremonti, an SE Tremonti Custom, 3- SE singlecut sopbars, and an SE 245. All have been heavily modified.
I've owned 3 and still have 2. My first PRS was a used Cherry Sunburst SE Custom 22 stoptail - a great guitar, but sold it. Wish I still had it for nostalgia sake. Current are an SE Custom 24 25th Anniversary in Vintage Yellow, and an SE Fredrik Akesson with 57/08's. The Custom is good, the Akesson is INSANE. No shame in SE's!
I have an SE Tremonti Custom w/ Tremonti pups and an SE Singlecut w/ Dragon II pups that aside my 91 Core CU24. I had an SE245, another Singlecut, a CU24, a Santana I, and Tremonti Standard.

Great guitars so you are not alone!