S2 McCarty 594 Thinline vs S2 Vela


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May 2, 2022
Hey guys I’ve been seriously debating between these 2 guitars and am having a hard time deciding.
I love the S2 Vela’s tone because it has a vintage rock/tele sound and I love both country and 80’s. On the other hand the McCarty seems to still come close to playing tele like sounds in certain configurations but has a broader spectrum of tones and overall seems a bit more versatile.
I understand that they have different neck profiles and the vela has locking tuners while the McCarty doesn’t. But does anyone have practical experience with both and prefer one over the other, and if so why?
Would be honored to hear your thoughts.
I’ve owned both. I bonded more with the thinline 594. But you won’t catch me bad mouthing a vela. Both are crazy light tone machines. The neck profiles and pickups being the big difference: I chose 594 and kept my tele for the twang because there’s nothing ever like it. Others will go opposite and stick to velas.
Ok appreciate the input @Broseph, it does seem like the McCartys are loved by almost everyone in all the reviews I’ve seen, the Velas seem a bit underrated or lesser known almost, so I was wondering what peoples practical experience has been
OP I have both and enjoy both....the Vela is newer to me so I've been playing it a bit more as of late but the thinline screams!! And when I pick it up it forces me to rip!! Not sure if this helps....haha
The thin line 594 is one of the few American made guitars where the import pickups sound good. Otherwise I’m not a fan of them on the other 594’s.
Velas are magical, and the stock pickups are awesome. I've played the Thinline, and enjoyed it, but it didn't make me want to buy it on the spot. I own 2 Velas, one solid, one semi-hollow.

Since you mentioned country and tele tones, neither guitar will sound precisely like a tele, but the shorter scale of the Thinline puts it farther away from tele in my experience. The 25" scale of the Vela adds a bit more brightness/twang.
Basically just as torn as I was before after all the device lol, guess I’ll buy the one that seems the best deal in a color I like first
Well, I can understand the "Both" recommendations ... But the Vela does not have Birds !!! :confused:

That is a problem. What is a PRS, without Birds??? I mean, like how will your audience recognize it , as a PRS ? (The Harley Benton CST has a similarly shaped headstock so ...)

BTW, I'm a big 594 Thinline fan ...:)
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The 25" scale of the Vela adds a bit more brightness/twang.
Naw ... Don't go blamin' lack of relative twangyness, on the 24.594" scale ! :)

My Jaguars in 24" ... sound plennty twangy ! In the Vela, its probably pickups mostly, then the smaller plate bridge as opposed to a Tele

But with Birds, the twang would probably get right !
I prefer the 594. Nothing against any prs, but the 594 is a ballsy rock machine. Very tele like.
You could get tele tones from any coil split prs
I've never played the mentioned 594 model so I can't comment or compare. But I have owned my Vela since last December.

Each to their own, but I love the Vela pickups. I never realized how much I would come to prefer the low wind bridge pickup of 6.95 K over your typical "full wind" humbucker of 8.0 K. There's something about the upper mids in a stronger humbucker that doesn't agree with me. I like how one guy on YouTube described the Vela bridge pickup when he said "it's a little bit Gretsch with a little SG thrown in."

I have not heard a neck humbucker that I like. For my tastes, there's always too much low end boom to the point of making the bridge pickup sound weak by comparison. Joe Walsh even said "there are way too many low mids in neck humbuckers on newer guitars." I don't have that problem with the Vela's neck single coil.

Of course, this is what works for me and as they say, your mileage may vary.

While I find the neck shape to be pretty comfortable, there are times where I wish it was a tad bigger. A bit wider across and a bit deeper and rounder from front to back. I have a few other guitar and the necks on those are a bit bigger and at times they are more agreeable with me. But then the Vela's neck is agreeable in it's own way. All in all, it's a keeper.
Get the vela. It has unique pickups and body style. Did I mention get the Vela. The neck profile is my favorite. Did I mention get the Vela. I think I would pick the Vela. But that’s just me. Did I mention get the Vela:)
Thank you all, last week I bought a Semi Hollow Vela through Sweetwater, just got to wait a couple months for the back order. I was worried about neck shape, but I'm starting to think I can get used to probably 80% of necks out there once you play it enough.