s2 mccarty 594

  1. T

    S2 McCarty 594 Thinline vs S2 Vela

    Hey guys I’ve been seriously debating between these 2 guitars and am having a hard time deciding. I love the S2 Vela’s tone because it has a vintage rock/tele sound and I love both country and 80’s. On the other hand the McCarty seems to still come close to playing tele like sounds in certain...
  2. Julian

    58/15'S' Humbucker in parallel?

    Hey all, hope you're well. Has anyone had any experience putting PRS humbuckers, specifically 58/15'S', in parallel. I wanted to change the wiring on my bridge since the coil tap is limiting. Is this possible, and does anyone have wiring diagrams for it?
  3. TheDoktor

    S2 594 switch tip

    Your opinion counts! Better 1- ...or better 2- (This tip was from StewMac if anyone is wondering. It took me a few tries from different vendors to find something that seemed to match close enough. At least I hope it's close enough.)
  4. TheDoktor

    NGD: S2 594 Whale Blue

    An early birthday present to myself- my first made in Maryland PRS. This was supposed to be in Thursday, but things being what they are, I can't complain. It sounds great, as expected, warm and versatile. The fretwork is impeccable. What really jumps out to me though is how great the...