s2 custom24 85/15s


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Dec 27, 2023
Hello everyone, I bought a prs s2 custom24 with 85/15s pickups. I have been thinking about changing to a better 85/15 which is not available (only 85/15 tci is too expensive) or to change to Duncan's 59 and jb. I don't know if it is necessary. Thank you. Everyone
I have a JB in an S2 standard 22 bridge...def improvement OP... makes the guitar sing....
The 8515S pickups aren't for me, but neither are the core 8515. Well, the bridge anyway, but that's me, my ear and playing style. I would definitely live with them for a while, adjust height, and pole pieces to taste before going down the swap road. They might work for you. Everyone has their taste and flavor.

I will add, in my opinion the JB/59 or JB/Jazz do work well in a Cu24 if you go that route.
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I have put both JB/59 and Dimarzio Tone Zone/Air Norton in a cu 24. Both sound excellent and are a big improvement over the import pickups.
The 85/15 S in my S2 Cu24 sound wonderful, no reason to change them, although I might add mini toggles for independent coil splitting.
That’s my take too. I bought my S2 Standard 24s because they come from a few years ago, when the model still had the 85/15s pickups and the pattern regular neck. I love those pickups, although if you’re looking for a traditional PAF sound, you should look elsewhere.
The 85/15 S in my S2 Cu24 sound wonderful, no reason to change them

I feel 100% the same about mine. That said...

I love the 85/15s pickups! Play them for a bit they may work out!

...it did take me a few weeks to really fall for them. Then I recorded them and listened back and there it was, that sweet tone I wanted.
When I had my S2 Standard I swapped the 85/15S pickups for a Jazz/JB combo. The difference was subtle but noticeable, although not eye opening as I had expected. I also swapped to a Mann brass trem, which changed the tone subtly, but the tuning stability degraded.
I eventually took the guitar back to stock (before I sold it) and I think it actually sounded 'better' as it was, all original.
The 85/15S pickups are pretty good, imho.
I have had many pickups in my CU24s. All guitars are different, event if they are the same models. A few of my favorite combinations are Thornbuckers, Seymour Jazz/CustomCustom, Dimarzio 36th/Transition, Dragon IIs.