PRS Singlecuts and wide/thin necks


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Aug 13, 2012
I love my Tremonti and want another PRS singlecut with a thin neck but with a hardtail. I have seen SC245 with wide/thins on rare occasions however I would love to try out a Stripped 58 but I think they only come in Pattern. Are there any other PRS singlecuts that come in wide/thin or pattern thin or am I stuck trying to find the very rare sc245 or sc250 with wide/thin? I am trying to track down a sc245 but it seems the stripped 58 has a lot more features for the money and I really want to try the 57/08 pickups.
Yeah, sadly the W/T and P/T necks are limited on singlecut guitars. You could always have the neck recarved by PTC but something tells me that is a very labor intensive job. Ever considered just buying a tremel-no for a Tremonti? It basically allows you to use it in 3 modes: Hardtail, dive only and full floating.