PRS forums?


single & satin
Apr 27, 2012
Is there any other PRS forums around anymore. I used to go to a couple others, but it seems their gone.
I checked, and I joined in April 2012

Looks like I started posting in about August of that year. Guess I musta been lost in the woods between PRS forii for a while. Did the old original unofficial PRS forum, BAM, and VR over the years and apparently I was late for the official PRS forum party. But have no fear. I'm not going anywhere.

(OK, OK, I realize that because I said that I'm going to develop a massive Thing for Dean guitars and Krank amps and disappear down that rabbit hole, never to be heard from again...)
Back in the dark ages, The PRS Forum became The Gear Page, which is still here and going gangbusters.
Almost. Next month is 10 years...
23 April

On our 1st anniversary (23 April 2013), we had 2,611 registered Members (705 of whom are daily visitors), 3,581 threads, and just over 58,000 posts. Today we have just under 18,000 members (about 50 of us who appear to live here), over 35,000 threads, and over 660,000 posts (20,000 of which say "Bangin" or something about tacos). More than a few threads have really good pie recipes.