McCarty Sunburst w/ Natural Back?


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Nov 30, 2023
Hi all, first post here on the forums!

Does anyone else wish PRS would make some of the McCarty Sunburst guitars with a natural back instead of the red? I love the top finish but can't stand the red back. I can't help but feel that it looks like a Ronald McDonald guitar. Has PRS made MS guitars with natural backs before?
When Ted McCarty ran Gibson, classic Les Paul bursts had red-tinted backs. Hence the finish being named after Ted. There's a certain amount of red in the McCarty Burst, to make it like a faded LP Burst. So the back color actually goes better with the top color than natural, and certainly makes the scraped 'binding' pop a bit more.

But there's also a certain respect for that tradition embodied in McCarty Burst. I love that Paul Smith appreciated Ted McCarty and honors him this way.

It’s one of my favorite PRS finishes. This one’s a McCarty Singlecut PS model, and I feel pretty lucky to own it! The fretboard is Madagascar rosewood, and the bird inlays are mammoth ivory. The red-tinted back is African ribbon mahogany.

Not that it’s any of my business to tell PRS what to do, but i hope they never change it.

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