PRS Core Mira pickup & wiring questions


New Member
Apr 27, 2012
Hi There,

I own a 2008 PRS Core Mira and I have a few questions regarding the pickups and pickup wiring that I'm hoping a forum member with more knowledge than I might be able to answer.

I've heard that the core Mira pickups were an uncovered version of the SC245 pickups, but have been unable to find any information to confirm. I believe the core Mira pickups are 2-wire pickups?

What I would like to do is to make the middle position hum-cancelling when the coil split is activated. From what I understand, this may be possible by flipping the magnet on one of the pickups and I had read that this is part of how the hum-cancelling positions are obtained on older PRS guitars with the 5-way rotary pickup selector.

I was wondering if flipping the magnet on one of the pickups on my Mira would make the middle position hum cancelling in coil-split mode? Also, does it matter which magnet is flipped (i.e., bridge or neck pickup)?