CE 24 Wiring Question and Mods


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Nov 9, 2023
Today I received a CE 24. I have a couple of questions. In the middle pickup position in full humbucker mode, it sounds like there is a slight phase to the tone. Am I hearing things? Also in the middle pick up position in coil split mode it sounds like the #2 position on a Strat. Is there a modification that would give me the #4 position tone ala "Listen To The Music" instead? I appreciate any help. Thank you.
New and it is 3 way switch one volume one tone with push pull coil tap. Hope that helps. Thank you for checking
If you want to consider using a rotary switch, prs and John Mann both sell them. However since its a new ce with toggle the pickuos are probably 2 wire and won't work with rotary switch.

Personally, I really like the sound of neck full and bridge split together and that is something you could do with what you have. I THINK pull the white wire off of the tone pots split circuit and use a jumper from that to the tab that has big black wire

I tried to do it by just taking white wire off but pickup goes dead in tap mode.

I've seen pickup rings that have tiny switches on them so maybe that is an option?