Pedal switcher suggestion


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Sep 8, 2019
Hi, i'm considering to add a pedal switcher to my board in search of better tone and flexibility. I really like the possibility to break the pedal chain and assign each pedal to a separate looper and the possibility to re-arrange the order of the pedals would be nice.
Mine is a relative big board, so i was thinking at something with a minimum of 8 separate loopers. I'm not a Midi guy, but some of the latest pedals have Midi so i'd like to experiment with it and see what it's like to set presets stored and ready to go.
I'm looking for great quality, so i know i will have to pay for that, but from my search on the net i've found a wide fork price between what are considered "the best" on the marker, and i need some advice from expert users.
I know quite well the Gigrig G2, now updated to G3, but it's the more expensive switcher i've seen. Are there better options? Like Boss ES-8, RJM Mastermind PBC10 or Free the Tone AC-4? Other suggestions?
Thank you
I have the ES-8, and no regrets, it's a great unit.

The Gigrig is the only thing that's going to be any better.
RJM makes some top quality gear, check their website out. Ron, the owner, is very hands on and delivers great service. I have been using the MMGT/22 for years with my Axe Fx rig and it’s been very roadworthy. They also make a series of loop selector pedals. I’ve been thinking of adding one for my HXDA rig.