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Discussion in 'Studio & Stage' started by markd21, Apr 17, 2020.

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    On 4-11-20, my singer/song-writing partner got together and did a Facebook live stream. Whilst practicing we decided to write a new song for the performance. I don't have an acoustic anymore, and I almost bought an SE acoustic for the occasion, but decided to give my P22 the job.

    The P22 is going into my Helix. The signal path is:

    A2A compressor -> mic preamp -> acoustic IR of a Martin D-18 -> parameteric EQ -> output

    -> acoustic IR of a Taylor 614 -> simple EQ -> output

    I blended the two IR's in the Helix and summed them to a mono output. From there, the guitar and mics went to a Behringer 2442 mixer which, using the direct outs fed a Zoom H6 to multitrack the audio, and then to a pair of EV ZLX12P speakers.

    I used a Nikon D5600 to record the video.

    It's not much, but I figured it'd be fun to share so you guys could hear how I use my P22. Oh yeah, the "set up" on the P22 was position 2 on the 5 way, magnetics volume on 10, tone on 10, and piezo balance on 8. We were VERY happy with how acoustic it sounded. Now I just have to get the G-string piezo looked at since it doesn't have the same volume as the other strings....

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    Sweet! I just purchased a P24 and really love the way the natural piezo sounds. I haven't even put it through any EQ yet.
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    Sounds great! I'm partial to using 3 Sigma's Martin D-45 IR in my Helix for my P22 and CU24 piezo, with what I think are similarly killer results. Sorry to hear about your piezo volume issue, I hope you can get it sorted.
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    I have the same issue (I think) with the Piezo on my Taylor. The G string is louder than the other strings which can be annoying. I scoop the mids a bit which helps a little.
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    If I remember correctly, you can adjust each string volume with a screwdriver. The trim pots are inside the battery cavity, and accessible without removing anything other than the battery. It’s in one of Paul’s videos about guitars in archive, the one about hollow bodies. He said it was an easy adjustment.
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