Old Friends ..


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Sep 30, 2022
Does anyone else have guitars that they haven't played in ages , and you open the case tune up and it's more magic than ever .. My Custom shop 339 amd I have been getting requainted .. love those AlNiCo 2's
Yes, happens to me all the time. That is the blessing and curse of having a large collection of guitars. Every time I think about selling some, I pull them out and check them over, tune them up and play them a bit. That is usually a big mistake. I then spend some time with it and remember exactly why I bought and kept that guitar and it goes back in the case to be kept longer.
Haven’t played much in a while due to health issues. Played this one for a little bit today.



Such a ‘woody’ sound with the all Koa body, Pattern Braz neck and 53/10 pickups.
I haven't played what was my main guitar(modded Fender Am Std Tele) or any of the others since getting into PRSs.

It really needs new frets/neck.
I'll probably just get a Warmoth replacement... I just don't have the time or inclination to do a re-fret right now.

I'm not so sure it would get anymore playtime as a result; enjoying the change with my PRSs too much.
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Nothing of real note from my meager stable, but on occasion I will pick up my old Yamaha RGX. It's time weary and not much of a guitar really, but once in a while it's good to go back to my first days of playing and see how far my guitars (and my playing ability) have come since I pulled it out of that pawn shop. It's basically worthless to anyone else, so it will stay with me until my guitar days are totally done. If for no other reason than to take me back to those first days and the desires it awoke in me.