NGD: SC 594


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May 14, 2021
Some of you may have seen my other thread where I posted up the saga I had trying to get a DC 594, and the orange tiger 594 from that thread ended up going back as when it arrived it had some damage to the neck binding near the nut, that for the price they were charging me for the guitar bothered me too much, since it was supposed to be brand new.

After that one had gone back I ordered a SC 594 10 top in black gold wrap burst from a different shop that I got for a decent price, but when it arrived it had some big gouges in the top where it looked like someone had changed the strings on it and just yanked them out of the bridge. They were deep enough that you could feel them, so that guitar went back too :(

I'd seen a secondhand SC 594 listed online at a secondhand guitar shop that was listed as "black top, natural back", but I wasn't overly excited by the idea of a solid black top so didn't think all that much more about it. Then noticed the shop advertising it had posted a video with a demo of this guitar and in the video the guitar actually looked like a dark metallic green colour, which they commented on and I rather liked. It was listed as "in new condition", so I gave them a call and had a chat. He assured me there wasn't a mark on it, but that they have a returns policy if I wasn't happy. He gave me a decent price so I pulled the trigger.

Guitar arrived today. It's a 2019 Core SC 594 that's basically flawless. It's in better condition than the other 594's I'd tried to buy brand new, so for the price I'm pretty darn happy. Doesn't have the TCI pickups, but I can't say I've really noticed a huge difference from what I remember them sounding like. This thing sounds and plays pretty good to me :cool:

Anyone know what the actual colour is called?





PRS has sprayed a black sparkle color in the past, but it didn't have a dark teal / slate base like that so I have no idea on the color...but it's pretty killer (CONGRATS!!!).
That’s so freaking sweet! Congrats and glad you found one after all the troubles!

I've always thought that PRS should do more solid colors. I think some of the PRS solid colors look better than the stained figuring and solid colors can emphasize the elegant contours a bit better than a busy figuring.
Seriously. Like, bring back pearl white for crying out loud! It’s one of the coolest colors. My opinion is they should offer metallic black, white and platinum regularly.

I also think that since PRS is on the “vintage” style train and they’re doing cracking nitro, do that on a run of black, white and gold tops. If you’re going in, might as well go ALL in.