NGD - S2 Vela semi hollow - my first PRS


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Dec 16, 2022
I never thought I would see a day that I would be interested in a PRS - always been a strat guy but... funny thing happened. I was in the market for a Gibson SG Tribute (actually have been for a few years but everytime I go to pull the trigger on that another guitar catches my eye LOL). I was getting ready to order it when I noticed it had a 12" radius (9.5 is my preference) and so I did some googling to see if they make a gibson w 9.5 and ended up getting sidetracked into a bunch of these PRS forums - was considering the s2 standard and then the Vela caught my eye - loved all the specs - especially given that now at age 56 my hands have been getting troublesome when the weather is bad and so the shorter scale was most appealing.

Today is NGD - I had ordered my Vela semi hollow from Sweetwater and it arrived this morning - very beautiful (it's the Tobacco sunburst satin one) and I can't get over the light weight (will be great for giggling in that regard). I'm loving the sounds of the pickups despite alot I have read about other guys modifying them, etc - and I totally get that as I have swapped pickups in almost all of my strats for variety - my favorite probably being the custom shop 69's). The feel of the neck is fantastic - wasnt sure what to expect on the profile having never owned a PRS so I'm real happy about that and also just the feel of the satin neck. I guess the one thing that is something I will have to see if I get used to has to do maybe with the short scale in combo w the shape of the body and that is that it just feels like everything is shifted so far to my right compared to most of my other guitars - especially when sitting and playing - but to early for me to make any real judgement about that. I'm going to a jam session / party tonight and bringing it with me - so well... you know how exciting NGD day is especially if you've got somewhere you can go to jam!

BTW - I want to say I think the gig bag is one of the nicer ones I've seen (right up there w my gig bag for my Parker) but... I picked up one of those gator cases that's something of a "hybrid" - it's kind of between a gig bag and a hard shell case - and I don't know why I didn't get one of those years ago - not quite enough for taking a guitar on the plane but definitely solid enough for anything else and just makes me feel better than the gig bag in terms of protecting the guitar - highly recommend!
Amazing thing is that even though the case is extra light (7 lbs), the guitar is even less (6lbs and 2 onces)!
I didn’t want to put a cheesy grin emoji on there and so everyone realised I’m a closet perv.
Oh come on, Alnus... nobody thinks you're in the closet... ;)

@OP... 'grats on the Vela, but sadly we can't take your word for it. Pics are required before you can be admitted into the cul... er, club... :)
It's been well over 24 hours and still no pix! We need our 6 string porn!! Please share with us, images of your beautiful fiddle (if you don't, we assume you bought a Hello Kitty guitar)!!! Congrats on the score and welcome to the forum!!!!
thanks fellers for asking for pix - if someone will let me know how to do that I will be happy to - I don't see an upload button?