NGD - PRS SE Angelus SE A50E


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May 27, 2020
The Lonely Mountain
Santa came early this year.

So, I've had a dilemma for several months. I needed a new acoustic, and it was warranted. My old one was some...thing I picked up at a pawn shop back when I was like 24. She became a banana. So, it was down to a Seagull and a PRS. I have always loved Seagull acoustics and, especially for the price, I stand by that they are about as good of a value as you can get around the $400 price tier. However, I began researching SE acoustics and got really intrigued. Nobody in my area carries them so I cant test drive one, thus this is really just trusting the name on that headstock and taking a leap of faith. I'm glad I did. Sweetwater had one of these for a great deal, around $350 off retail. I assume it was a return and they claimed it and the case smelled of tobacco. For that price, who cares? I pulled the trigger. I present the SE Angelus A50E.







So, I think the thing that kinda gets in the way of people buying these is they are made by Cor-Tek in China. The dreaded "C-Word". You hear that and you think of every cheap guitar shaped object that plays like a banana you've ever seen. Forget that. This is a supremely well crafted instrument. Definitely worth the price point, getting this for what I paid was a bonus. So , observations:

- Bone nut and saddle, very nice. Nut needed a wee bit of smoothing out, but nothing major.
- First fret action is dead on to PRS specs. Damn.
- Typical on SE's, crazy responsive truss rod. This is really where SE instruments demolish anything else at the price point IMO: neck stability and dual action truss rod. BTW, TRC is not standard, that I bought from Guilliford.
- Action is slightly under PRS specs by half a 64th. Again,damn. So easy to play.
- Ebony fretboard and looks like an ebony bridge. Nice!
- Plastic bridge pins. Bummer. All that cool stuff, and, I'll buy some ebony pins.
- Fishman GT1 pickup system. Pretty cool, the controls are under the top by the sound hole. Has a volume and looks like a presence control. I like that the controls are out of the way, though you might want to run into an external EQ to fine tune the tone.
- The maple sides and back are gorgeous. Wow.
- Sound is lovely, one of the finest sounding acoustics I've ever tried, definitely the best I've owned.
- Whoever posted this at Sweetwater must be high or something. It doesn't smell like tobacco at all. Neither does the case, speaking of which...
- Nice hardshell case. I'll be keeping this one for a while.

Again, fantastic instrument, very high marks from me. If you are considering a new acoustic yourself, definitely give these a look. I think you get more than what you pay for on these. Once again, I put my trust in that name on the headstock and it hasn't failed me yet.
Congratulations on the score of the century! Yes indeed, the SE Acoustics are outstanding instruments. Some Febreeze and Sunlight should help deodorize the case. A good wipe down with PRS Guitar Cleaner would be a good idea for the guitar itself, if you haven't already.
According to PRS, 25.3" scale length.

BTW, I just realized I posted my NGD topic about an acoustic in a forum for electrics. I'm such a dope.

It’s the acoustic/electric version, right? You’ll be allowed to stay.