SE One replacement pickguards


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Aug 22, 2019
Hey, gang! I recently added both an SE One and S2 Vela to my collection. Absolutely LOVE both of these guitars. I'd love to see the SE One come back with a satin finish.

Putting these two side by side, I was quite surprised at the difference in the pick guards. I'd love to replace the guard on the SE One with another tortoise pickguard that looks more like the one on the Vela. The dark brown tortoise looks SO MUCH BETTER than the reddish tortoise that it came with.


Does anybody know of a good place to get a replacement pickguard made in a higher quality material, that might already have a template for the SE One?
I bought one from mLaval on Reverb and the shape and holes were significantly different from the stock part on my '07. So either their template is way off or the pickguard spec changed at some point during the One's run.

I had customizations to make anyway, so I ended up sending a tracing to WD Music and they did a nice job. I've also had great results from Quick Guards in the past.

That's a great looking One, by the way! Excellent matching on the body. I agree brown tortoise will look better.
Thanks for the recommendations! WD is a solid option. Another possible mod approach I am considering is doing a full blackout treatment. Black single-ply pickguard, black hardware, and black poles on the P90.