NGD Paul’s Guitar Wood Library


PRS Fren
Feb 18, 2021
Let’s start with the guitar porn first:

It’s been a great week for me! Sold 6 guitars this past week to make way for new additions. This has been my best haul to date. I use to have a 408. Loved it but that bridge pickup wasn’t what I wanted. I tried Paul’s guitar SE. an improvement in some ways but I wanted something to sounded even better single coilish with slight more clarity when humbucking. In comes this beauty. It was barely used and priced cheaper than most used Paul’s guitar. Cocobolo fretboard on a flamed maple neck should certainly increase the snap and clarity. Lightweight mahogany back. Hybrid hardware. Classy MoP birds. I swapped the tuner buttons to match the headstock. And I’m in love. Exactly what I had hoped for. Like my old 408 but slightly more vintage hot rather than hifi for the bridge. And it doesn’t look too shabby
That is a beautiful example of the Paul line! Congrats on a great score!! I find it fascinating that you were able to part with 6 guitars, are you OK?
Hahaha. I move thru quite a number seeing what suits me best. I’ve played quite a bit of the PRS line this way. If I don’t love it after the honeymoon period or it’s collecting dust: off it goes. I usually wait months before deciding to offload on reverb or visiting my local dealer to sell in bulk.
That is just pure class all the way. The Paul's guitar is the most versatile two humbucker unit off any production line that I've played. Not versatile in that it's a jack of all trades/master of none, no, it kicks ass in every application. Wise choice my friend.
It was a wilcutt build
Yes! Wilcutt still have a new black charcoal with matching black flame maple neck. It looks so tasty. But I didn’t have the heart to offend them with an offer that was lower than what they wanted for plain core Paul’s guitars they have. I Love me a classy black gold look. And the birds. That was a big appeal as I’m not a fan of the brushstrokes.