NGD Paul’s Guitar Wood Library

Beauty-- congrats!!

I've always liked that the pickups in that guitar are unique to PRS. Never had the pleasure of playing one myself, but what I've listened to online are wonderful ;)

Yep, I’m convinced Paul is a genius. I played this guitar back to back with 2 strats and a 594 thinline that I have. One strat is woodier sounding, the other with hotter Tex specials single coils. The thin line has slightly hotter after market pickups than stock.

The Paul’s single coil tone is so good. My fav is the middle position with the neck in single coil and bridge in humbucker. I Swear it sounds even better than my strats at the single coil sounds!

I’ve had plenty of PRS guitars up and down the lineup from SE-core…Paul’s guitar core is my fav!
Wood library needed more wood: enter Cocobolo rings and switch tip

I like the theme. Matches the fretboard. And the tuner buttons match the rosewood veneer.
I know it’s not for everybody. Some would have kept the contrast with the ivory rings and tuner buttons. Wasn’t for me tho.
The Cocobolo looks SO much better and it was already amazing before. Those cream rings really needed to go, especially without cream fretboard binding.

Seems like PRS just has a default setting for "if in any doubt go with cream rings." My S2 594 SC has a red/black color scheme that really needed black rings and switch tip. They put on a black switch tip but didn't take the obvious next step to go with black rings.

Didn't even know about wood switch tips before. Way cool!