wood library

  1. C

    Canadian dealers?

    I did a search to see if this issue had been discussed previously and didn't see anything within the last couple years. I've been looking on-line at 10-tops, wood library and private stock to see if I could identify a Canadian dealer with decent stock OR at least one that would be doing wood...
  2. Solteroblues

    NGD! 594 Wood Library Artist Package

    This finally arrived last Friday, haven't had a ton of time with it yet, but I think this is finally the 594 that I'll keep forever. It's a 2019 Wood Library Artist, with a 1-piece quilted maple top and African Blackwood (not your normal ebony) fingerboard. It's funny, I found 3 of these WL...
  3. C

    PRS 2022 Wood Library McCarty nitro lacquer checking

    Hello everyone! I am new to the PRS family. First post here! Bought a beautiful wood library McCarty with artist top in Faded Blue Jean about two months ago. Fantastic sounding guitar. I have kept the guitar in the hardshell case it came with. It has been played only around the house, and...
  4. Julian

    Non 10 Top quilts/wood library?

    What’s goodie, Was wondering if PRS made Core guitars with quilt tops that aren’t 10 Tops or Wood Library.
  5. DrReiCow

    NGD: Wood Library McCarty 594

    My first PRS! 2021 Wood Library 594 with flame maple 10-top, Brazilian rosewood fretboard, East Indian rosewood neck, mahogany back, in indigo violet finish. :) Moo
  6. Timt

    Owning the highest echelon of PRS guitars

    Hi folks, Im pretty new here however not new to PRS's guitars. After moving from SE, S2 and eventually to a core guitar, I personally do feel there's a big step change in playing a core guitar. And I wonder what's there in the world of wood library and private stock guitars... Knowing their...
  7. Patrick Montgomery

    Sapwood in Ziricote Fretboard - a problem?

    I recently purchased a Wood Library McCarty 594 with a ziricote fretboard. The guitar is beautiful, but there is some sapwood on the first fret of the FB. I didn’t see the sapwood in the pictures on the listing, and it really bothers me. I have 7 other PRS guitars and have never had this on any...
  8. colinkanders

    NGD - Wood Library Special Semi Hollow

    Technically yesterday was New Guitar Day, but I was too busy playing to take pics until today...I had been saving up for a Private Stock guitar but I stumbled across this WL SSH that was 95% of what I would have ordered, so I snatched up this beauty! Quilted Maple 10-Top African Blackwood...
  9. DaveDaveDave

    Modern Eagle 1, in search of soul mate...

    BLUF, I'm looking for a PRS that *feels* like my ME1, but sounds drastically different, providing me with a wider sonic palette. I love playing *all* styles of music, and I'd love if I could play them all half decently one day, and I find that different guitars pull my playing style in...
  10. AragonWingfoot

    Purple Finish Fading

    So I’ve heard a lot about blue fading and seen what that looks like. Does anybody have examples of what a purple would look like when it fades. I have a Wood Library Purple mist and would like to “see into the future.” Thanks everybody!
  11. Ovibos

    Returning a Wood Library guitar

    How do I know when my guitar is due back at the library? I checked everywhere but I can't find a stamp, and I don't want to pay late fees.
  12. Black Plaid

    Wood library modcat

    Here's another one, am looking to filling in another couple of gaps. A post on reddit had this for a modcat: Cwm4ftftzbt_kg_h9-93 I'm willing to guess the "CW" is for "Custom Wood Library", but not sure what the color "KG" should be called. It looks like a Black Gold, with a burst, but not a...
  13. AragonWingfoot

    New 2020 Guitar Line Changes

    I recently acquired a wood library Hollowbody with a 2020 serial number, would it have the new finish and TCI pickups etc...?
  14. mynameistim

    How much off the retail price for this Custom 24?

    Hi, I just bought a PRS Custom 24 Wood Library from an Online Shop. It retailed for 5,290€ Here are some photos: Since this Guitar hung around in the shop for some while, it had some minor paint burst at the body. They offered me 290€ off for this. I now discovered that there are 3...
  15. AragonWingfoot

    What Rig do you use for your Hollowbody II

    I recently acquired a Hollowbody II and was wondering what other rigs (Amps, Pedals, etc..) you guys use/used with your Hollowbody IIs?
  16. AragonWingfoot

    Wood Library Korina and Ebony Hollowbody II vs Regular Hollowbody II

    Moore Guitars in Evansville has a couple Wood Library Hollowbody IIs which seem very nice. I was wondering how these wood Library guitars would be different when compared to a regular Hollowbody II? Edit: Sorry, These wood Library’s have a Korina neck and sides with an ebony fretboard, Maple...
  17. colinkanders

    Is a Silver Sky Wood Library Run Plausible?

    I want a Silver Sky, but I like the look of wood grain on my guitars. What do you think the chances are that a dealer would do a Wood Library run with, for example, a natural smokeburst satin finish (*wink wink*)? Or would that be going too far for WL and have to be Private Stock?
  18. Utkarsh

    Reviewing my 594 after 3 years of ownership

    Some of you may have seen my Burnt Maple Leaf 594 Singlecut on and off over the last 3 years. As the 2020 update is just around the corner, this is perhaps an appropriate time to do a proper review of the 'old' 594, the guitar that my wife gifted to me on my birthday in 2017 and has become my #1...
  19. N9NU-9

    2013 Custom 24 Wood Library Artists Pkg - V12 Fogging issues

    Hello I am inquiring about getting my guitar re-finished under warranty due to the V12 fogging issue I have in two places. While most would say 'just deal with it', I know it's there and would like to know what exactly I need to do in order to get it re-cleared. It's from Wild West and it's a...
  20. Joesnewmatch

    Returning to the fold... can someone explain Wood Library and Artist values?

    I'm about to join the club again. It was love at first sight when I saw a Special 22 semi-hollowbody limpet edition over the Summer. I'm still thinking about it and about to pull the trigger. The question is which one or type to get? I used to have a lot of PRS, but it seemed like the only...