NGD PRS Studio Wood Library


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Oct 12, 2018
Long story short--hit a milestone at my company and they offered to reward me with a fancy Swiss watch. I asked for a guitar instead and they agreed!

It's a PRS Studio Wood Library. Love those pickups.

Finish: Copperhead Burst
Top: 10 Top Quilt
Back: Mahogany
Neck: East Indian Rosewood
Neck Profile: Pattern
Fretboard: Ebony
Inlays: Paua Rim J-Birds (2008 Outlines)
Hardware: Hybrid
Treble Pickup: 58/15 LT
Middle Pickup: PRS Narrowfield®
Bass Pickup: PRS Narrowfield®
Bridge: Gen III Tremolo

Wow, that is beautiful, congrats!

It is cool that they would do that for you. I wouldn't expect the company I work for to do anything like that. I have had 2 milestones at this company. They gave me a pen and a plaque on the first one. The second milestone they gave me a Harley luggage bag for my motorcycle. The only reason they knew that would work is because my boss knows I take motorcycle trips and I would probably use it. I know the bag was $300.

You need to make sure you hold on to that job!
Congrats, that is a killer substitute (for a watch) and guitar! Enjoy!!

Here is a clip from the movie "Head Office" (1985) about the recognition that some receive for their time (watch pun intended) with a corporation! If you have not seen this movie, find it and watch it!! In my top 10 movies EVER!!!
Spectacular! Congratulations, that’s a nice way to be recognized.

My soon to be new employer wants me to propose my own bonus structure. This gives me a great idea. “No honey, I didn’t buy a new guitar…it was a bonus…”