NGD CE-24 Semi-Hollow

My thoughts so far are that its a very lively guitar. Very resonant and bright acoustically. What I'm really enjoying is how well the pickups react to changes with the volume and tone knobs. I'm not finding anywhere on the knobs where I turn a couple spots and it still sounds the same. You can really dial it in.

I'm usually not big on split pickup sounds, but these are the best I've tried, the bridge in particular. Split it sounds like a tele. Where the sound gets addicting is with some gain. I don't play with high gain, but I love to stack different overdrives together and this guitar really shines when doing that. It has an evenness to the sound and no icepick highs.

Still in the honeymoon phase, but I'm thinking its a keeper.
I've just had mine for a couple of days as well but I agree wholeheartedly about the split coil sounds. My main guitar has been a 408 and so far I like the CE24 split coil sounds a little better and I really like the 408!
I have my first gig with this guitar this afternoon and I'll report too!
Great score! Glad you’re enjoying the guitar. I find the 8515s to be a tad lower output than I would like (on the bridge) but they indeed have amazing tones. I love my semihollow for clean/crunch but it can still do hard rock when called for, just pair it with a noise gate.