57-08’s in a Semi Hollow, Share your Opinions..


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Oct 27, 2023
I’ve been shopping for a new semi-hollow and while browsing my local PRS dealer I picked up a Limited Run CE24 semi hollow with 57-08‘s and I thought it sounded just terrible compared to other CE semi hollows with 85-15’s that I’ve tried.. I’m not sure if it was just me, a problem with that particular guitar or just the way they are supposed to sound. I love 57-08’s in other guitars I’ve played or owned. Anyone have any thoughts or experiences using them in hollow bodies?

Not all pickups are perfect in all guitars. Plus we often go into situations with preconceived notions and opinions.

I had Dragon 1’s that were incredible in my CE mahogany and Standard 24, but hated how they sounded in my CU24.

No biggie, swap and move on.
I have 57/08s in two PRS hollow bodies, not semi hollow. They work well in my guitars. The 57/08s are very responsive to height adjustments. You may have just preferred them closer or farther away from the strings. From what I read on various forums the 85/15 pickups are much more polarizing than the 57/08s. I am betting the guitar you tried needed adjustment.

I found the 58/15 LT pickups to also be very sensitive to height adjustments. I had them in my 594 and didn't like the volume drop off when switching guitars at gigs. I had 57/08 pickups in some of my other gigging guitars and they work well with my rig so I bought a set and put those in the 594. I love those pickups in that guitar too. In the fall of last year I bought a PRS Studio. It has the 58/15 LT pickup in the bridge. I immediately ordered a 57//08 for it after I bought the guitar. I figured I had been through this before and I knew where it was going. I had a little issue with the pickup I bought and had to send it back for a replacement. Since this process took a little time I was forced to play with the adjustment of the 58/15 LT to make it work for me. By the time I got the replacement 57/08 I decided that the stock pickup was working well in this guitar and left it there. I now have a new pickup setting on a shelf. It kind of makes me wonder if I would like the stock pickups in the 594 if I put them back in. I just love the sound of the guitar with the 57/08s in it that I don't want to go through changing them to decide to change them back because I like the way it sounds now better.