NGD: 2022 Mark Holcomb SVN


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Mar 16, 2024
Follow up to my other two threads. TLDR: I bought one of these that had been messed with and didn't like it, but decided to get a proper one.

Only played about 10 minutes, and still cold from sitting outside, so I'll put some more time into it this weekend. So far I love it though. Pickups are 100x better than the other one I bought. Also came with Dimarzio strap locks... which I knew from the guitar center pictures, but I didn't realize it would come with the strap too, so that's a bonus I think. All my other guitars have Schallers, but may as well leave this one on here since it already has it.

I need to learn some 7 string licks to really put it though the ringer. Here they both are together, with the keeper on the left. Body doesn't look as pretty to me, but that's ok. It sounds 100x better.

Nice - I'm glad you didn't settle for one you were less than 100% about. Also, I think it just looks better without the Zebra's too