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    NGD: 2022 Mark Holcomb SVN

    Follow up to my other two threads. TLDR: I bought one of these that had been messed with and didn't like it, but decided to get a proper one. Only played about 10 minutes, and still cold from sitting outside, so I'll put some more time into it this weekend. So far I love it though. Pickups are...
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    Mark Holcomb SVN Nut Question

    Hi everyone, thanks again for all the help a couple days ago when I posted about the MH SVN I bought. I'm definitely going to return this one and appreciate all the help. I've been thinking it over for 48 hours, and I really want a "proper one" (as one commenter put it!) BTW - this is...
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    Should I return this Mark Holcomb SVN?

    Hey everyone! I saw a great deal and jumped on it for a used Mark Holcomb SVN walnut (7 string) guitar. It was $599 from guitar center, and after shipping and tax came to about $650. However, after playing it, I have noticed some issues with it. My gut is telling me just return it and if I...
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    PRS SE 24-08 Mini Switch/SVN questions

    Hey there, I'm looking to upgrade my gear and take one step towards owning a "proper" guitar. I'm torn between a few choices but, as the list narrows, the PRS SE Custom 24 seems likely to be the one I'll go with (although the Mark Holcomb SVN also looks rather enticing). While checking...