NGD: 2006 PRS Singlecut Satin Soapbar

I had that same exact guitar many years ago (I believe it was even an 06) and to this day regret letting it slip away.
Great find...hope you enjoy!
Thanks a lot! Who knows, maybe it's your guitar that ended up here :)
By the way, I won't give too many details because I still need to "study" the rules here, and I'm not sure links to marketplaces are OK, but an identical one just appeared on a well known website, and the price is very very low... maybe it's fate and you should buy another one! :)
Hello! It's been years since I introduced myself... my name is Andrea, I'm from Italy, I've always loved PRS guitars, I used to have a Custom 24, then I sold it as I wasn't playing much often.

More recently I picked up the guitar again, I've been playing a lot and I re-joined the band I used to play with.

I normally play a roasted pine American Pro II Strat (modified with a white pickguard and a set of Gold Lace Sensors and locking tuners), but then I found this guitar on Reverb and I immediately pulled the trigger :)

It's one of the best guitars I've ever played (maybe the best?), when I plugged it in into my Mesa Recto-Verb 25 I immediately fell in love. The neck shape (wide fat), coupled with the satin finish, is fantastic.
But then - obviously :D :D - I felt the need to mod it just a little bit, so right now my luthier is fitting a set of Lollar 50's Wind P90s, in order to have a slightly lower output, more vintage sound.

Based on what I understood it's not a common model so... another reason to keep it and enjoy playing it for the rest of my life :)

Looking forward to being more active on this forum!


Absolutely gorgemous!!!!!!!!

$weetne$$!!! ;):D
Congrats on your great choice. My Soapie has a sanded neck which has the best feel out of all of mine & I bet your satin feels fantastic!
Some additional images after my luthier completed the work - he replaced the pickups with a set of Lollar 50’s Wind and I also asked him to modify the neck finish, now it’s “more satin”, so to speak. I really love an “unfinished” feel, it reminds me of the guitar with the best neck I ever had, a Music Man Steve Morse Y2D Rosewood Hardtail.






Today I played it for the first time at the band rehearsal, and I really loved it!

Small issue: I ordered and fitted a set of new Phase II tuners (the ones originally fitted were a bit “tired”) and apart from a few differences in terms of look/design, the hole for the screw on each tuner is very slightly misaligned with the screw hole in the headstock. Nothing major, I fitted them in any case, but… I was a bit surprised.