Navigating the models - which one for me?


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Oct 13, 2022
I'm glad I've dedicated some time to learning the various PRS Core Custom 24 models. A few months ago I was looking at SE and S2 models, but after playing a CE 24 I changed my mine and started looking for a CE 24. Then I played a Custom 24. Well, it's an investment, right? :)

I'll say right up front that I am just learning. I just learned what CAGED stood for this past week and I know a few open chords. But I'm working on it!

I am drawn to players like Peter Green, Joe Bonamassa, John Mayer, Buddy Guy, David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix and a bunch of other blues/rock guitarists. Mixture of rhythm and lead, but I'd really like to get to the point where I'm expressing my inner feelings note for note. I haven't decided if I want a trem or not. I think I'd like to have one, but I don't want to pass on a great guitar just to get one. ie, Paul's Guitar or the McCarty 594.

I'm strictly looking for used this year and my budget is right around $3,500, which seems to be right in the sweet spot for a 2015 to current, used CU24. (I'm strongly drawn to Eriza Verde, but I've seen a couple of purple and blue ones that look interesting.) Everyone seems to agree that anything built since 2015 is in the "about as good as it can get" camp?

I've played a couple of Throwbacks, which I loved the feel of them. But they seem kind of limited in capability compared to what I might be able to find for a similar price. (The reason for that model, I understand, was to compensate for the bright tone that results from going from 100' of wire to wireless.)

I saw a Floyd that was beautiful and the price was decent, but what are \m/ pickups? Same neck and everything else as other Custom 24s? I think I've picked up that they are geared more towards metal players.

85/15 vs DGT vs TCI vs 58/15 LT vs (??) pickups?

I wish I could find a nice DGT in Eriza Verde, but I'm going to guess that David doesn't really like that color since it seems to be as rare as hens teeth, especially since there are practically no used ones around.

There are a couple of CE22s ('95 and '99) with dot inlays at a local store. I think I'm sold on CU24, but are they worth looking at? Certainly much, much cheaper. They have a good feel but they wouldn't win any beauty competitions.

I'm asking these questions because I won't be able to play any of them before I buy since I'm limiting it to used for this time. (If business is good in the next few years, that will be a different conversation! Maybe I get a nice DGT at that time... )

(OMG, I just heard the Robben Ford signature demo through the HDRX20! How close to that tone can I get with a prior model?)
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