My band rejected my request to move from acoustic to electric guitar

Without question there's an ego issue there. Totally uncalled for in a church.

I know every situation is a bit different, but in my case I found it best that I forged ahead. I had a bit of an issue with our new worship leader which at the time I didn't understand, but I could see that it was ego on his part. He's a great guitar player and can improvise very good on the spot. Turned out, he was a bit jealous of me. I know that because once after a service I was standing outside of the church talking with the bass player who is long time friend of "James" as we'll call him. Some folks from the congregation came up to me saying how much they enjoyed my guitar playing. I thanked them and as they left, the bass player said "be careful. James doesn't like anyone stealing his thunder." I laughed it off because i thought it was a total joke but in time I found out it wasn't due to a few things James did.

Long story short, there now seems to be a good understanding between us. James and I had a talk and in his own way I think he realized how wrong it was that he gave me a hard time. I never said "you did this to me" but I went about it in a roundabout way without mentioning his name and I think he got it.

Funny, you'd think that of all places a church would be the one place where ego's would be left out in the parking lot. But as I said, sometimes you just have to forge ahead if you have faith in yourself.
I think I would find a new church. Maybe a smaller one that would appreciate you more. Sometimes, it is better to be a big fish in a small pond.
Best of Luck.