Me, ruminating and flip-flopping again...debating going strictly acoustic

New House and 2008 happened. Although now, knowing how 2008 played out, I should have sold nothing and walked away from the house.

In case you were wondering, it was amazing! Hurt my heart to sell it, and I know specifically who has it and where and still talk to them.

Thank you for asking!
hey, i know that drill, i forgot to sell my house in late 2006. among other things.

it's so weird and i've never seen an attempt to copy it, but materials have come a long way so i would like to -- especially if it came in white.
We were kind of luckier here, I bought in 2008. The sellers had sold a few months before but sale fell through and we got lucky.

Ours sold to someone who wasn’t prepared to lose it. So double lucky.

Don’t gamble (always lose), but house sales/purchases have been a different matter.