McCarty rosewood neck maintenance

Hello all! First post here.

I own a great 2004 McCarty with a rosewood neck, and it got really pale over time. I guess I should have used some lemon or Fret Doctor oil way before. About a year ago I started using some to give back the darker and smoother look, but it don't stay. I even tried the Monty's Instrument Food wax, without better result. Is there another product that is stronger, or something to sealed the oil?

Thank you!

You need the "Neck Treatment of Awesomeness!"
I used rosewood oil on a dry/light rosewood fretboard and it’s stayed darker. I do keep the guitar cased when not in use.
I Had A PS With A Braz Board That Was Very Light. I Would Oil It And It Would Darken A Bit And Then Quickly Go Back To The Light Color. It Always Looked Dry But I Know It Wasn't. It Is Possible That Neck Is Similar And That Is Just The Way It Is. An Option Could Be Dying It Like A Lot Of People Do Their Fret Boards To Make Them Darker.

Side Note: You Say The Guitar Is Left Out Of Its Case. Is It By Any Kind Of Vent Or Furnace Or Similar That Could Be Effecting It In Any Way?
It looks sun bleached. Which is crazy since you say it never got direct sun. Our hardwood floors by the front door (it’s translucent glass) are bleached out compared to the rest if the floors throughout the house. Everywhere they are a deep rich reddish brown, and just the area by the front door looks bleached and almost blonde.


I hesitate to recommend it, but it sounds like the tannins are bleached out or something? Which makes me wonder if a vinegar/steel wool slurry wouldnt darken it down. But having never done this with anything nearly as nice as a PRS, I sure wouldn't want it to be the Guinea pig.
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