Marr’s Guitars - You Need to See this Book


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Oct 28, 2017
You may or may not know who Johnny Marr is (look him up if you don’t) but the coffee table book he just released (“Marr’s Guitars”) might just be the best book about guitars you’ll ever look at, or read. Even if you’re not a guitar nerd, and you just appreciate art or photography, you’ll be impressed. The ways that the guitars are photographed is so unique. And the stories behind the guitars, and what songs they inspired him to write, are wonderful. And what a generous guy… all the guitars he’s given away or loaned to other artists who needed a guitar.
When we were in England I picked up a book about him. Guitar player for the Smiths if you didn't know. He has a signature Jaguar model.
I’m looking forward to mine arriving. Again. The first one was delivered by Amazon in a paper envelope so predictably, the corners of this lovely book were all bashed in - so I requested a return. In any event, That Pedal Show did a great, long episode with Johnny Marr recently. Definitely worth a look.
He wrote his own autobiography.....rare these days....and it is beautiful.....well worth a read 'set the boy free'
Small world syndrome indeed!
Flying back from Minnesota to Florida today and I see a lady walking down the plane with a Johnny Marr Guitar t shirt on!
Bloody hell.