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Korina, Korina


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Sep 30, 2022
For those lovers of Korina , a thread . All of the ones I'm posting are out there and available . Just wanted to expose those less familiar with these beauties. This PS has a FLAMED Korina neck .. whew ..never seen that .. love the natural beauty the price is somehat reasonable all things considered ..

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known under many names .. Terminalia superba, the superb terminalia,[3] limba, or afara (UK), korina (US), frake (Africa),[4] African limba wood, ofram (Ghana), is a large tree in the family Combretaceae, native to tropical western Africa. It grows up to 60 m tall, with a domed or flat crown, and a trunk typically clear of branches for much of its height, buttressed at the base ( That is one BIG tree)

The wood is either a light (white limba or korina) or with dark stripes (black limba) hardwood. It is used for making furniture, table tennis blades (as outer ply), and musical instruments and prized for its workability and excellent colour and finish. The most well known example of its use in guitars is when Gibson produced their now highly sought-after Flying V and Explorer guitars in 1958

The good news ... we may see more guitars made of it :

It is not rare nor expensive due to overharvesting, but rather is plentiful due to efforts in the 1950s to preserve a natural supply of the wood. This species is reportedly relatively secure, with little or no threat to its population within its natural growth range, according to the World Conservation Monitoring Center in 1992.