Just got the wife's "okay" on a Custom 24


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Feb 14, 2022
I've been a good boy this year. Paid off some old bills. Worked very hard both a day job, freelance, and getting another 35-40 stock music tracks into my royalty stream. Just got a pretty nice bonus from work and a hefty ASCAP quarter and the Mrs. agrees, Dad deserves a treat. I even made her sign something that says "I have okayed the purchase of a new instrument, max $5000."

Needless to say, I spent the entire night internetting, reverbing, and checking out the good PRS dealers (brian's, wilicutt, etc).

Here's the big question - is a 35th anniversary C24 really any bigger of a deal than a 29th or 36th? I don't really look at guitars as "investments".

I think I have already found the one. It's just solid black with a pattern thin... but there are definitely other options like at Brian's the other week.

Ugh, decisions, decisions.
Why didn't she just check with us?!?! We would have told her you've been a good boy!

I don't know what other ones you are looking at but that one certainlyshould be a candidate. gorgeous. I'll let more knowledgeable others answer such questions as comparable anniversary models.
@sergiodeblanc i agree with the sentiment, but I have to admit, I am a sucker for buying brand-spanking-new if the opportunity is there.

One other one that I'm quite in love with (though haven't been able to play in person, sadly) is this black with red-binding C24. Total Darth Maul vibe which speaks to me. I'm okay with taking the risk of ordering, if it's sucky I can always send it back.
Enjoy the hunt.
Just don't procrastinate. ;):p:D
Do not give the wife time to change her mind.
She's cool that way - as long as I'm upfront and don't sneak **** in, there's no blowback.

It's amazing, because if I were to show her some cool piece of rack gear or a pedal, guitar, what have you... she'd glaze over in five seconds or less. And I get that... I mean, when she talks about... I dunno, whatever it is, I'm not paying attention... I get it.

But I could add a single slot 500 series module and she'd smell the new addition before unlocking the front door.

Long story short though - I have the papal blessing. I'm running with it.

I *did* just find a 15-year-old CU22 with a beautiful quilt top, the bookmatch is practically impossible to see. Best part? Wraparound tailpiece instead of the trem, which I frankly just don't need for my drop-b djenty djug djugga-ing. Decisions, decisions, indeed.
If you don’t need or use the trem, I’d let that be the deciding factor. I’m a trem guy. We have an SE semi hollow stoptail as a backup band guitar, by way of Sergio. Love the stoptails in theory, but I always reach for the bar.
Nice problem to have! I avoid solid colour PRS guitars though. For me it’s a missed opportunity. That flame red C24 is a beaut!