The Custom 24 is just the best live guitar. And an all PRS band doesn’t miss a beat


Ministry of guitar
Apr 13, 2017
So my band, the Mug Shots Singapore, played our first proper big show post pandemic. We were very regular previously but life had gotten in the way but a huge private event beckoned so we got our act together.

It was a set list going from Black Eyed peas to AC/DC , RHCP thrown in with a bit of Linkin Park,and of course the classics like Hotel California and Sweet child thrown in.

My purple 2021 Custom 24 piezo handled the 1.5 hour 20 song gig like a champ, not needing even the slightest tuning adjustment despite me going ballistic on the Trem on pretty much every solo, which also included an improvised and even more trem heavy version of Van Halens beat it.

Meanwhile my other guitarists 594 kept up the rhythm as steadily as a grandfather clock.

An incredible feeling post show and.for me a reminder of how good these guitars . I remember constantly tuning my Epi and the Gibson Les Paul between songs back in the day. Which used to made things much more stressful. But now , it was great to just focus on playing.

A couple of pics post show and the last song where the audience invaded the stage. They recorded the show so once I have that, a show blog will be up on the YouTube channel