I Got to see The David Grissom Band tonight at The Saxon in Austin TX.. What an incredible band and David was on fire


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Nov 9, 2021
Seacoast New Hampshire/ S. Maine
Being a professional musician, I’ve been in many good or great bands over the years so my standards for musicianship are quite high, so my statements about the Grissom Band do not come lightly…..
They play every Tuesday night at The Saxon in Austin from 6 to 730pm…Nonstop…. No cover charge (although they should charge $100 a head because the musicianship is just stellar)…the keyboardist, drummer and bassist were equally talented. You know, melodic songs and solos, great dynamics, rhythmic variations, great song selections, house soundman was great.
David featured each musician as well. He’s also a fine vocalist and mixed vocal tunes in with his instrumental songs.. I did leave a great tip. Those 4 guys deserved it….Grissom is certainly one of the great unsung heros of the Electric Guitar. And as always, his tone was just great and his playing was simply so original and soulful…..
If any of y’all get to Austin, I implore you to go see this amazing group of musicians .. and leave a big tip!
David and I had a great talk after the show a bit thanking him for his and Paul’s work on the DGT and how it brings out the tone of each player’s individual sound. (I play one as well). He was just a great down to earth guy, (as I expected he would be)
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Would have LOVED to have seen it!
@dmatthews .. if you can ever get down to Austin, it’s worth the trip.. just wait like we did till South by Southwest is over. The town has overgrown to a large city, but the old parts of town are still pretty cool and somewhat old school mixed with the new…
Going tomorrow to see the bronze statueStevie Ray Vaughn the city put up in a park down by the river years ago…. A true music town, but unlike where I live where us musicians make descent $$, all the musicians in Austin are solely paid by tips only…. That part is VERY sad
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Was he playing the DGT SH?

I bet he probably has a few and swaps them, like most do.

I'm usually only down in Austin on weekends from Dallas.
I forgot to ask David if PRS is going to offer a DGT Semi Hollow for their customers like the one he was playing the other night.. Anyone know? @El Fenix do you know?
Last I head was when he was on 5 Watt World.

He said they are trying to make it a model, and folks interested should bother PRS to make it.
I've bugged a few people at PRS about it. Hope it hits the right people.

Anyone we can ping here who would have levers to pull?
I can ask @John Mann when I get back to NH after being in Austin….. David’s hollow body sounded great that night. Different than the solid body rock n roll DGT.. more airy… a little more bluesy.. if that makes sense … loved them both…for different tones
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