Incoming - Reintroduction - Acknowledgement


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Jun 6, 2012
Nova Scotia,Can
Hey Gang!

Studio66 here (Chris)...BaM refugee and lurker here since this forums inception.
I have been PRS'less since BaM's demise so outside of a daily visit to poke around I have been mainly a lurker.
I also had a healthy case of forum burnout so lurking was an easy way to have my cake and eat it too.

All this is about to change as I have an incoming NGD which brings me back to the PRS ranks and I have watched this forum become the type of forum I will enjoy contributing to....I tip my hat to the community as a whole and in particular the founding fathers who have diligently and carefully created a structure and vibe here that is both fun and informative.:congrats:

I turn 50 this coming week and decided I needed a new DGT and in honor of the number 50 what better than a Gold Top....with moons of course ;)
Brent at TGS did what Brent does so well and the stars aligned and I wait anxiously for this to arrive.I have TGS as one of my "Likes" on Facebook so I was also pleasantly surprised to see this pic on their Facebook page and my news feed....classy touch!!


Wasn't 100% sure where to post this so I decided here since the DGT was the hinge pin.
Oh my goodness......... :p If jealousy is a crime, then lock me up! I want one (with birds) so much I can taste it. Likewise a SC245. I congratulate you - on your BD and the guitar - and welcome you to the forum. Now I need to go before I cry.

Goldtop Lloyd
Hello Studio, I was not on BAM, as I had not even heard of PRS until I bought an SE Santana last summer and joined here when it was quite slow still.
This place here has really grown, and has gotten very busy.

Happy birthday, and I am doing the same thing.
I turn 56 in May, and my 408 MT I have on order will be my present.

We gotta treat ourselves right :D
Beautiful guitar! I always want a goldtop, then end up being seduced by flames if I have the money. Maybe one day. Glad you decided to join in. :top:
Welcome to the fold...

Happy Birthday!!!

And last but not least, if I was a zombie and that DGT was living flesh, I would be all nom Nom NOM.....
Happy birthday and congrats - goldtop DGTs are classic!

Still trying to determine what to do for my 50th...
Thanks guys!
The DGT is a unique beast for sure...did you ever feel a guitar was designed for you...I mean for you specifically for you?
I've had 3 DGTs pass through my hands over the last few years and for various reasons they all moved along...all to do with me not the guitar.Then one day you wake up in a sweat and realize you've let the girl of your dreams get away.
Apparently with age does a little wisdom come :)