Incoming!!! Arrives Tomorrow!

I normally am not a graphics-on-a-guitar kind of guy....but that is smoking! Congrats! :eek:
Very cool guitar!Tell me more about the 2TEK bridge.I read about it on their homepage.Very interesting.I have never tried or seen a guitar with that bridge.What does it add to the mojo?
Sweet guitar! I know you're going to enjoy that one. Congrats!
A completely fantastic guitar, both in looks and tone. DG really enjoyed playing it.
DirtyMoonsRJT said: I told you I can't wait to finally try it out. Did you take that picture of DG? It's a fantastic shot.

I did not. I sent it to David to put through it's paces. I asked him for a picture of him with it, and he sent me that fantastic photo. Looks like it should be an album cover!