I bought a cool used bass. Really cheap. Needs new pickups tho.

Well since Cort had a hand in making my two PRS SE Silver Skys, and PRS doesn't make any $200 basses, I thought I'd show this one off.

This bass and my PRS SE Silver Skys do share some similarities.

Could be wrong but I think both have a poplar body and maple neck. And both necks use a scarf joint to angle the peghead back and strengthen that area of the neck. That joint also wastes less wood.

This is it with the Bartolini pickups I put in yesterday. I'll save the EMG's for my white one.

The Bartolinis give this bass exactly the sound I was after and that I remember my friend Kim Stone getting from the Bartolinis in his Tobias.

A deep, thick, textured growl to the tone but plenty of modern sounding highs and spank if I want it.
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I’m psyched to hear this. My best sounding basses have all been Barts. I have another in my builder’s queue with a set of Barts going in. I like my nordstrands, and my bisonics are worthy for what they do, but if I had to cut down to just 2 basses, one PJ with flats, one Jazz with rounds, both with Barts.
My buddy. Chris, has a Jazz bass he bought from Norm about 45 years ago. Looks like Jaco's.
He loves the Bartolinis and the set of Thomastik-
Infeld strings I gave him 30 years ago. Still using those strings.
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