Help with information about CE22F

Why, oh why, do they not do more sparkle finishes? I'm ready to throw my wallet at the first dealer to do a Wood Library run of sparkle finishes with natural backs and either rosewood or satin maple necks.
That is a really good question. I have a red sparkle Starla core that I ordered because they showed that as a color they would make it in. It took a long time to get it because they only spray the sparkle finishes once a month. It is a PITA to clean the equipment after that so they don't possibly end up with a piece of the metal flake get sprayed into a burst or clear finish and ruin it.

From what I have been able to piece together, they sprayed 5 guitars to make my one. One was made exactly like mine. I am assuming that was to have a backup in case something happened to the one they were making for me. The others had different options than what I ordered mine with. I have seen one clear sparkle and one gold sparkle that were made around the time of mine. From what I have seen by watching web sites over the years, these seem to be the only ones they made. They look really cool and probably would have sold if they made more.

An interesting thing is that I got a Job in Florida and moved here 3 years after I had this guitar made. The one that was exactly like mine was hanging in the high end room of the Guitar Center near where I moved to when I got here. It hung there for a while after I got here so maybe they wouldn't have sold well, at least not here, for the price they had on it.