NGD - 1995 CE22 in Black Sunburst with Bird Inlays!


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Dec 12, 2023
NGD - I was lucky enough to pick up this 1995 CE22 in Black Sunburst yesterday and got a great deal on it! Seems this has a few rarities with it.....bolt on neck with pearl abalone bird inlays and Wide/Fat carve, gold hardware and Artist Treble/Bass pickups instead of Dragon 1s! Does have a few dings, wear and beauty marks but still in good shape for the age. I reached out to PRS to check the info from the serial and they didn't have any information on it other than being consistent as a '95. Anyone ever seen a combo like this before? Under the pickups shows the matching serial, "CE22F", "Black Sunburst", "22B" and the date as 12-18-95. New to the forum, glad to have finally joined!


That seems like a killer guitar to me. Congrats; it corrects the only "flaw" on the original CE series IMO: this one has birdies
Beautiful guitar. You asked about the features. In 95 you could ask for additional features that were on the Custom guitars as add on's. Someone ordered a Standard (all mahogany) body with a maple neck (CE), gold hardware (Custome add on), and birds (Custom option). That's a very unusual combination of features but all within the options available in 95. It's almost like their Private Stock request but came out of the normal production line.

As far as the tree, I've seen a lot worse!
Anyone have info on the Artist Treble and Artist Bass pickups? I've never knew they even existed until I opened up the CE22......definitely scratched my head and said "What the heck are these?" ha. Not a ton of info online either. Appreciate all the kind words about it!