Guitar Maverick ... New PRS Dealer in Texas, let me EARN your business!


Authorized PRS Dealer
Authorized PRS Dealer
Apr 22, 2013
I am happy to announce today, that after several months of planning and preparation Guitar Maverick is now open. The phyical brick and mortar store is located in Keller, TX and currently setup as a studio showroom. We are negotiating on some larger space that could be available end of summer that will allow us more growth in products and services.
Our online store and facebook page are both up and running.
Take some time to visit when you can...
We even have an opening special through May on any new PRS Guitar with a $200 coupon. Enter this coupon code at checkout T1J9LJV02C

So you may ask, who is Guitar Maverick? Well many of you know me personally as 38Roars or JD. I have been an active member of several PRS Forums for years and have a personal PRS collection exceeding 25 guitars. Guitar Maverick is a step up from the enthusiast collector I have been to the Dealer platform. Why you might ask? Like many of you, having the desire to have more involvement in the music industry is a burning flame I have tamed for years. Also, as big of a factor is the Story of PRS guitars and Paul himself. You know, the story is Leo Fender never played guitar, but found a way to create great instruments. With PRS, you have at the helm a living legend that really has "Dog Ears". I mean that in a good way, and its exciting to be involved with a group of people that strive to produce the best sounding and playing guitars possible....and BONUS they are made right here in the USA.

What does Guitar Maverick hope to bring different to the market? First off, there are some GREAT Dealers that you can buy PRS Guitars from. I know them and have supported them, and will continue to do so! But, I have 25 years as a successful business owner and hope to bring some of that service and skill set to earn your business. I'm the first to admit, I dont know the answers to everyones questions, but you can be assured I will work hard to get them. When wrong, I will admit it.... I have always had an open door policy. I an known a "picky" buyer! Thats not gonna change, so I won't have the largest selections of guitars, but they are gonna be scrutinized before I invest in them to sell to you...I will always seek the best of breed!

More inventory and other products are coming. It takes time to find stellar guitars!
Your Feed Back is extremely important to me so please dont hesitate to contact me.
Toll free in US 855-4GTRMAV or 855-448-7628 or [email protected]
Congrats. Living the dream. I myself have often thought about taking the plunge.
Way to go, bro! Congratulations on starting a new chapter in life. Very cool.:beer:
I'm really happy for you, JD. Congrats on making the dream a reality.
Congrats, JD. That's awesome. I'm sharing a specific link with a friend in the market for a specific model...
Thank you for the warm and friendly welcome...
btw, The mobile version of the site has an option to view in standard mode if you prefer, so check that out as well...
And Dane, Im on the HUNT now... send me specific details of what your looking for!
Rango... Did I mention its Killer Wide Flame!
Ron, Let me know if I can help!