Fiore Strings Question


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Sep 16, 2023
New Fiore owner here. Shipped with PRS Sigature 10s which sound really great but thinking of switching to hybrid 9.5-44s. That’s what i am currently using on my EBMM. Anybody do this? Want to avoid having to adjust tremolo or other setup adjustments. Thanks.
I don't have a Fiore myself, but in my experience such a small change is unlikely to significantly affect your setup. You'll have more of a change brought on by just seasonal temperature/humidity variance requiring tweaks to truss rod etc.

I'd encourage anyone to learn how to do basic setup work themselves. It's not complicated, and you can maximize your enjoyment of your instruments by keeping them at optimal playing condition throughout the year - without the expense of bringing them to a shop
There will be a minor set up change , I run 9.5s on my Silver Sky and Fiore.
If you what to feel the difference tune down 1/2 step it pretty close.
FYI.. Made the gauge change. Caused trem plate tail to lower and rest on body. Will adjust trem spings to compensate. Liked the tone of the 10s better but need playability of the 9.5s for some of the things we do. Otherwise just to much ‘work’ to cover some of the lead lunes and bends.