Do you use strap locks?

Do you use strap locks?

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    Votes: 53 65.4%
  • No

    Votes: 28 34.6%

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Yes. I'm a dunlop fan and have them on every guitar except the baritone, which has a wide seat belt style dimarzio clip lock strap.
No. One of my straps is the Lock-It brand. It has a sort of spring lock built into the strap. But its not the only strap I use.
Schaller Strap Locks on all of mine, and I just bought more the other day so I will have a set for the 408 when it arrives.
To me the guitars are an investment, and if one dropped to the ground and broke, I would have to *itch slap myself for not securing it better.
I have seen to many guitars in the past fall due to not using them.


Schallers on mine, the thought of damage from it hitting the deck, just don't.........
All of my guitars have Dunlop strap locks on them. Very easy to remove when casing them (some cases won't close with a strap on).
Yes and no. I have them. But now I just sit on the couch and play so no straps are used. Lol
Yes and No LOL... I have some on my C22 that are not normal strap locks. They're screw on type strap locks and I really like them (i.e. no quick release button to remove them). My SC still has the big fat PRS strap buttons on it and they seem to work great with my birds strap. I haven't had any issues with the strap popping off, so until I have a problem, I'm just going to leave the stock ones on it. I dont play behind my head or swing the guitar around my neck or stage dive or any of that stuff lol, so i'm not sure I "need" locks.
About 2:30 into this video, and the guy is not even jumping around or anything.

Here is the beer bottle trick.


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I do when I'm gigging. I have 4-5 stage gee-tars that get Schaller straplocks. Currently have them on the 88 Std, 89 CE, 91 CE, 93 CE, and the 02 SAS.

Anything younger than 1988 I don't gig. Those are in my special herd that are only for show n tell (sometimes show n sell); those keep their original buttons.

I have 'em on my Gibsons but the stock PRS strap buttons are so good I find I don't need 'em: as a previous poster said - I take the strap buttons off and then re-install 'em through a decent, thick leather-ended strap. Has worked great on all the PRS guitars I've owned.
Very easy to remove when casing them (some cases won't close with a strap on).
Yes, it's not just to prevent drops. It's nice to be able to take off the strap when putting the guitar in the the case. It's not always an easy fit with the strap on, and the buckle has to be carefully placed to not rub against the body - easier to take it off.
I've seen plenty of strap lock failures come through the PTC. It's usually when the incorrect screw size is used to install the strap lock.

I use the stock PRS button. They're kind of a pain in the butt when using a new strap, but I found that loosening the screw just a bit allows the strap a little more space for the strap to fit around the button and everything works find.
I use Grolsch washers on most of my guitars and they work just fine.

Not so good with my SE's unfortunately. I've got some good straps on them which where a pain to get on so i'm not too worried at the moment but once the leather softens then i'll invest in some proper strap locks.