Breaking all but low E on Saddles of 2022 Core custom 24 Piezo 10 Top


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Mar 22, 2024
Anyone else have this issue? the guitar is virtually brand new but i bought it used a few weeks ago. I talked to the tech at PRS and all he was willing to do was to have me send it in so they could look at it. I asked where I could buy replacement parts if necessary but he wouldn't tell me. I could easily just take a round file to the saddles but for a $6000.00 guitar Quality control should be off the charts. I also had to shorten 2 of the screws the move the saddles for intonation as they were so long they were hitting the strings as they passed thru the plate before getting to the saddles. Ive never spent so much on a guitar and had the lack of support I feel should have been available. What do you all think?
Sorry for the troubles that you're having. Best course of action would probably be to get an RMA from PRS and send it back for them to look it over, especially if the guitar is still under its factory warranty period. Unfortunately, sometimes things slip through the cracks. I've had very expensive Gibson Custom Shop guitars in the past that have had QC issues from brand new (loose solder joints, improperly cut nut slots, etc.) I'm not terribly familiar with the Custom 24 Piezo, but I wouldn't recommend taking a file to the saddles for fear of mucking up something with the piezo electronics in the event that metal shavings from filing get somewhere they shouldn't be or worse yet, if you inadvertently take too much material off.
Thanks for the reply, unfortunately since I bought it used there is no warranty, The file suggestion was from the PRS tech which didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know. So after the cost of shipping to them and their labor I could just fix it myself , I've worked on guitars my whole life. I'm just pissed off because he wouldn't sell me the parts if I needed them or tell me where I could purchase them and then he quit the chat text when I asked where else I could get replacement parts! All he wanted was to make me send it to them !
Man, that blows...sorry for your experience. I have two Custom 24 Piezos and a HBII piezo and haven't had any issues at all with the saddles or string breakage.

I do know that anything piezo related is supplied to them by LR Baggs pre-assembled, so replacement parts aren't available for sale. I've inquired about some pieces when I ran into trouble with some wiring issues in my HBII.

Hope you get yours sorted out...that's a major bummer to have to deal with after purchasing such a great instrument.
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Sorry to hear you are having issues. I have 4 PRS Piezo equipped guitars, two hollow body and two solid body, and haven't had any issues with string breakage. I run 10's on all of them. Can you post some pictures of the bridge with the strings and then maybe some without the strings? I would be very surprised if you needed to file anything.
Can you post some pictures of the saddles from different angles so we can compare to our saddles? My 24-08 isn't piezo equipped, but there are plenty of owners here who could probably compare them to theirs just to see if there is anything visually obvious.
Do you have a local tech you trust? I’d take it to someone and have them work on the saddles.
ill post some pics when I change strings again, at the rate I'm breaking them it shouldn't be long, lol. as far as letting a tech work on them I wont do that as I'm a mechanic and have been working on guitars my whole life , I'm perfectly capable of fixing this , its just that I shouldn't have to when you spend that much on their flagship guitar, that and the fact they wont let me buy parts if I need them. I guess they didn't make enough money on the guitar and want to bone me some more by making me let them do any work on it.
Yeah...but you bought a used PRS. God knows what the previous owner did to it. Not sure you can blame PRS. If it was brand new, then PRS would be all over it. One of the disadvantages of buying used. My issue would be with the previous owner. If you are having problems with it, then he probably had simliar problems.
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the guitar was virtually unplayed , older guy who owned 6 prs guitars. and yes I bought it " used" with out a nick or scratch on it anywhere as well as the case it came in. he didn't screw with it. I will make it right , but I'm still pissed PRS wont sell me any Piezo bridge parts if I wanted them, or tell me where i could get them, also the tech just hanging up on me and no I wasn't a jerk at all when conversing with him. Dont get me wrong I absolutely love the guitar , it plays looks and sounds great but as far as QC and customer service im not impressed.
All piezo components are supplied to PRS pre-assembled…the bridges, saddles, boards, cabling is all done by LR Baggs. That’s why PRS doesn’t sell those components separately…I can easily see why specifically those components aren’t available through the PRS spare parts shop. An in-house warranty repair, sure, I’d imagine they have components readily available. But to actually put them on market is a whole new bag of cookies.

Maybe you can reach out to LR Baggs and see if they have any insight?

On another note, I do know what you’re talking about with the saddle adjustment screws. Both of my Cu24 Piezos have a couple screws that leave just barely enough room for the string to pass through. Not sure what that’s all about, it can make string changing tedious because the string will continue to butt into the screw when threading it through. Once it’s set, though, I don’t have any issues.

Oh, and if you can, post some pictures of the guitar, too….the Custom 24 Piezo is one of my absolute favorite models, would love to see what ya’ got!

Really hoping you get yours sorted out. It’s a real bummer to have such an exciting purchase be deflated by technical issues.
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Thank you for the information! I appreciate your help!!! those screws that are to long I just cut off just under a 1/4 inch then beveled the end to smooth out any burrs. now there is no problem getting the strings through. I tried inserting pics but I cant get it to work, drag and drop didnt work either and clicking on the " insert image" icon asks for a http.
Yeah, posting pics here is kinda wonky.

You’ll need a hosting site first…Imgur is what I use. It’s free and super easy to upload your pics there.

Once you have them posted up on the hosting site, you open the photo, right-click the image and select “Copy Image Address”. Then, come back here, click the “Post Image” icon, and paste the image address in the field.

If I was more proficient, I’d post a video of me doing it, but alas, I am not.
Thanks for the info on posting pics as well as the helpful info on lr baggs!
I didn't see them either but I also didn't call them. Thank you for the graphtech info as well! Im sure I can fix mine but the graphtech is a great alternative if needed. Ive read with the graphtech you lose a bit of high end but that wouldnt matter as the guitar is quite bright and i dial back tone to about 5 anyway. Plus there is a treble control on the amp, lol