Mannmade bridge installation question on leveling


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Apr 7, 2023
I am trying to adjust the action of my guitar down and re-intonated and also followed the instructions for the mannmade installation to re-insure that the 6 screws were at exactly 2.5mm with each screw only just touching/biting the included 2.5mm hex allen wrench. Then tuned up, intonated and adjusted the saddles front to back and then adjusted the claw screws using the 1.5mm plectrum trick. That initially got the bridge pretty level. But then I realized my action was just a bit higher than I like so I proceeded to lower all my saddles with the guitar detuned. When i tuned back up i noticsd the trem isn’t really as level anymore. See pics. Also my high E saddle seems just about as low as it can go yet my 12th fret action readin mg still says 5/64 and i really wanted to get it down to between 3-4/64. Do you think my issue now is the claw screws, potential changes in neck relief or nut? Does anyone ever go lower on the 6 screws for the mannmade trem to try to get lower action? Im hesitant to do that as my other guitar I have this bridge on that was installed by a luthier has perfect action so I feel it’s likely not an issue with the bridges current height. I checked some of my other guitars just to see if perhaps the height of the string at the nut is higher and it doesn’t appear to be.

It doesn't appear as though your bridge is seated in the groove of the screws properly. That by itself should drop the whole bridge down a little. If it's not enough, you probably have room to come down with the 6 screws.
I agree with this. He heads of the screws should not be in contact with the trem base plate. Loosen the strings and pull back on the bridge and lower it down into the groove on the screw. Then tune it back up.

To answer some of your other questions, yes, I have gone lower on the 6 pivot screws. I like my action lower than PRS sets it at the factory. A little goes a long way when adjusting those screws. They are coarse thread screws and move a lot with a little turn. For example, the PRS Studio I bought last fall had a little higher action than I wanted. The high E saddle was bottomed out. I adjusted the trem pivot screws down 1/8 of a turn and that got the action where I wanted it without the saddle being bottomed out. If you adjust them like I did, pay attention to the front of the bridge. If you go too low the front corner of the bridge will make contact with the top of the guitar. You don't want that. Once you get your bridge plate into the slots you will be able to see how the action will be and how much room you have to lower it if you want to.

These height adjustments vary from guitar to guitar. Some of mine are farther away from the top of the guitar than others but they all have pretty much the same action.
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